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Youthful Memories

I still have the love letters men, or perhaps boys, sent me in the past years. On some days, I read and laugh at these innocent displays but, on most days, they remain tucked in the bottom of my drawer.

It was back in high school when I first stumbled upon John Keats. Since then, my young heart have been and will always be envious of Fanny Brawne for having a man write to her with so much love and warmth.

I remember, once, a man said he’d write me a letter. I spent days and nights in anticipation but it never came. What happened in between that promise and my waiting, I do not know. Perhaps gone are the men like John Keats. Or maybe love just simply changed.

the moon casts its shine
upon the aged letters—
youthful memories

In response to dVerse’s Haibun Monday: Handwriting hosted by Kim.  🙂

Scanned image from Rebloggy. You can also find more of Keats’ letters here.

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21 thoughts on “Youthful Memories

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  1. My Dear Maria, you have written a wonderful, wonderful piece and I love it so! But then you know your words do that to your readers and especially me! Loved your Haiku too! It was so elegant!

    Please do me the honor of reading my post “TO THE LOVER OF MY SOUL – LETTER #1? I hope it will touch your heart!! And perhaps my muse will bring me the words that you deserved and should have had in a similar Love Letter so very long ago!

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    • Aww, as always, you words never fail to warm the heart, dear sir. My muse and I are lucky! Thank you. ❤

      And I will hop into your site this instance to read that post. Ah, I hope you this letter was sent and read. I look forward with anticipation.



  2. How wonderful that you still have love letters, Maria. I love the link to John Keats and the way you were affected by the letters he wrote to Fanny Brawne, ‘my dearest girl’. I can understand your envy 🙂
    Your haiku shimmers.

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  3. I suspect the letter was lost in the mail. And since you sent no reply…

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  4. Love letters… so precious to have. I wonder what I would have written in a love letter in high school… I was so shy back then..

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  5. Getting or not getting expected letters can be a memorable experience.

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  6. i fell in love with your haiku sweet Maria! and this line “What happened in between that promise and my waiting, I do not know. ” is so courageous. i believe in between that time you grew up and became stronger and realised promises should not be carelessly thrown about. Wonderful writing Maria, i always love reading your heartfelt words. I have more to say about a man who promises to write a letter but doesn’t but I will leave that for a later prompt!

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    • Aww.. thank you, Gina. That’s too sweet. ❤️ And I agree, we ought to learn that promises should not be thrown carelessly. I do realize one thing on the course of my waiting though… that I am not as impatient as I thought I was. Sigh. This hopeless romantic still waits.

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      • sigh…Maria, all we hopeless romantics do is wait and write love stories and poems of deep love and longing, and the words love is back. you write very sweet ones that leave me sighing all the time.


  7. Reblogged this on The Reluctant Poet and commented:
    Have you saved old love letters from your youth? Come read “Youthful Memories”


  8. I love what you did with this, Maria. It is sad that love letters seem to be a thing of the past. Texts and emails just don’t cut it.

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  9. I love your post Maria and it brought back memories for me – of a letter never received.
    Just seventeen, I holidayed in Germany with my mum and my aunt. There I met Peter and fell in love, unknowing of the concept of a holiday romance. In my impressionable head were the dreams of marriage and addresses were exchanged. I never heard from him of course…
    Love your haiku and of what it tells.
    Anna :o]


  10. Somewhere, deep in a trunk of memories, are some letters from past romances. I should dig those out …… maybe not!


  11. Oooh Maria…this brings out the hopeless romantic in me…


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