Can I tell you a secret?

I know. I knew it all along.

This isn’t just about the silence or the cold void that sits between us. I knew it the moment I saw you happy. On how your days brighten up effortlessly. I knew it because I was once the reason for them too. But those days are now long gone and I am left with a scissor to cut the string.

So, please, wait a little as I gather my guts. Or better yet, just tell me and leave so I won’t have to do so. For I have been too good at being left behind but never at leaving.

In response to dVerse’s OLN hosted by Grace.

Do you ever write poems and choose to keep them in your notes because you thought they’re unfinished? I have heaps in mine. Looking at them now, I feel nostalgic. Some still stings while others brings out a laugh. This one’s from last year. A prose I wrote as I was playing Sam Smith’s Too Good At Goodbyes on the piano.

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