January was a month for me-time, poetry, and crafts. In the past weeks, I have gone to places but have missed a lot of pages. Hence, I made a promise to laze around with muse.

But, despite the perks of solitude, some things are hard to resist. After an incessant request by Shiela, whose feet are giddy to get back on the trails, we headed to the mountains with Jovy.

Tres Marias out to be one with nature!
2 of 20 Spartan 😀

I have shared here before my first hike in Spartan Trail. The experience was mostly the same except for the fact that we were hiking with the hardcore mountaineers of Sagoy Group and Tribu Tagbu on a rainy day.

Photo grabbed from Sagoy & Tribu Tagbu.

By the time we reached the last leg, we were drenched in rain and sweat. The team invited us to tag along on their hike to Campo 4 but the rain already wore us down.

So off to AO Farm we go.

Check out AO Farm’s model. It’s none other than our Bisaya Traveler!

AO Farm is one of the newest highland leisure located in the south of Cebu that is slowly becoming one of the side trip choices after Spartan Trail. Just located in Brgy. Toong, up in the 200 steps, is a budding tropical utopia that offers a breath of fresh air.

For only Php 20, you can enjoy assortment of flowers, rope course adventure, zipline and swings. Not a bad way to awaken the inner kid in us, right?

The Blooms

It is still too early to compare AO Farm to the likes of Sirao Garden for they are still working on the diversity of plants and foliage. Nonetheless, photography enthusiasts such us my two peers, will surely get tons of Instagrammble shots here. Even I, who don’t have a photographer’s eye, can’t help but took some decent photos of the flowers. 😁

The Swings
The swings are probably my favorite being the lazy butt that I am. There is one particular hammock with an overlooking view of Toong’s mountains that offers a perfect spot to chill.

The Little Daredevils

The rope course adventure, on the other hand, was not as easy as it looks like. It’s a shame that our knees were trembling while the kids that were going up and down the nets with ease.

Meanwhile, Shiela tried their zipline which you could enjoy for an additional 10 php. It was quick and short but she did have fun. Look at that face. 😀

And if you wish to date your loved ones or date yourself, why not come here? You can never go wrong with the vibrant colors and nature’s noise.

Forever alone, ey?
Something’s terribly wrong here. HAHA!

Further up is an ongoing construction of a Japanese-inspired tunnel with scenic view of the mountains. This is certainly something to look forward to in the coming days!


This may be a cheat day for my January me-time but I still brought a favorite book with me. Perhaps muse won’t be too mad? ^^

Who loves Mitch Albom as much as I do? ❤

For more info about AO Farm and how to get there, you can check out Bisaya Traveler.  😉