If you could ask for one thing at a certain point in your life, what would it be?

On the last remaining days of 2017, I asked for an escape. But the thing about escaping is you never really can. What you get, instead, is a temporary break from life’s shackles and you just have to make the most of it.

Truth is I didn’t intend to write about this trip. I haven’t even shared much about it in social media. It was, of course, one of the sweetest escape I’ve ever had but I wanted the feelings and memories to cling close to me as much as possible. My friends, however, think I’m greedy. *eyes roll*

So here goes a little sneak peak.



On normal days, I could just use a long walk or poetry or books or music or coffee. But what happens when your outside world is just as chaotic as the world inside? Where do you go? As for me, I chose to slip away from the busy streets and head into the land of hills that I like to call my second home— Bohol.

I got the idea of this out-of-the-blue escapade from Marc of @theweekdaytraveler, who recently came from a solo trip in Bohol. When he posted the photo of the Binabaje Hills, I knew right then that I had to flee.

Binabaje Hills, also dubbed as Rolling Hills, is a natural pride of baranggay Camba-ol in the municipality of Alicia. Hitching into Bohol’s tourism bandwagon, these hills that offer a rewarding 360 degrees picturesque landscape view of Alicia and its neighboring towns have been drawing in mountaineers and adventure-seekers alike.

To the old souls and hopeless romantics like me, this place is heaven on earth. And I am not exaggerating. You can never go wrong with the silence and panoramas and everything in between.

These trees speaks of poetry.
Caught this butterfly FALLEN-nating.
Look at these rolling hills!
Race you to the top!

Every ascent and descent leading to the gorgeous peaks were also equally fulfilling. I wasn’t counting but I think I’ve been to three? YAY! I’m a happy hobbit. ❤

This felt like the Shire.
Camel toe, they say. HA!

I was blessed with a sunny day at that time so there was beautiful balance of blues and greens. The wind’s blow was alluring that I can’t help but run around wild. Or perhaps was it an attempt to run away from all the bad vibes and chase the good ones?

It was the last day of the year, December 31, when I came here. I guess the thought of time outrunning me finally took its toll. Looking back, I’ve had my share of ups and downs, of triumphs and more mistakes. But, perhaps, what made this escape sweet was I’ve go to do three things.

  1. Took a well deserved rest. In a fast-paced world, we are often tempted to live a hundred-mile-per-hour life. I was reminded to walk in my own pace and not with somebody else’s. 
  2. Reflect and re-evaluate. I look at my choices with no regrets now. And though I have not mapped out my life in the coming year, I will carry these experiences and lessons learned with me. 
  3. Let God and let go. I have learned not to let people or circumstances disable me from doing things that I want. That good things take time and that we are always in God’s good hands. img_4223

There goes my sneak peak! Until we meet again in the trails~ ⛰🍃☺️

P.S. I’m no expert in travel itineraries or pointing people at the right direction but you can always DM me at @mariawentoutoftown . Or can you take me with you? I’d love to see the sunrise next time! Haha.

Also, I don’t have a photographer’s eye and these photos were take with iphone 5s. You can check out @theweekdaytraveler for more stunning shots. *wink*

Come on, let’s take this gorgeous place into the limelight. This beauty deserves our awe! 😀