I spent my waking days sowing seeds of hopes and dreams on the face of the earth, wishing that they may land on a good soil. There were days when the seeds scattered on a cold, hard path where ravenous birds await. Those seeds didn’t even get the chance to grow their roots as they were mercilessly devoured. There were days when the seeds fell on shallow grounds surrounded by rocks. Most of them grew but never lasted. Some sprang out quickly but the rocks kept getting in the way while others were withered by the scorching sun and wilted craving for the rain. There were days when I found them amidst the weeds and thorns. The weeds tried to take away what little the seeds have—the sunlight, the water, the nutrients—while the thorns pierced them every time they try to grow. My tears smeared the earth on these days. In the cradle of the night, I held the last seeds close to my heart now wrapped with mudcracks, and prayed to the moon and stars for the courage to sow them again. “Patience, little girl,” the night sky whispered. So I tossed the seeds once again with a hopeful heart. I called upon the wind to blow them to a fertile soil where hopes and dreams may sprout— where tears and sweat come to fruition. Let’s see this parable come to life.

Lift your hands above
Feel your freedom like a dove
He’ll guide your plans, love

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Photography by Jenna Walker

In response to dVerse’s MtB: Let’s Kick it Up a Notch
Tending the bar today is Victoria with her piece, Death, Imagined. The challenge is to search your archives and choose a poem, even if it’s one you thought was already done, and see if you can add a little spice to it through the use of sensory description, replacing metaphor, or tightening up your word count.

This was originally a haiku I wrote last March entitled, Plans. I added little something with the help of Chèvrefeuille’s Haibun Prompt (which reminded me of patience) and Raja’s Inspiration Call (which reminded me of Matthew 13 – The Parable of the Sower).

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