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We are all stars

Each day, we wake up consciously or unconsciously wondering which version of us this concrete world will accept. We tiptoe our way on the streets. We watch what we say or do— or not do. Perhaps this is why many prefer the silence of solitude, the earthy smell of mountains, the lapping of waves. Mankind think too much, trying to turn life into one big stage. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t. But one thing is for sure, we are not in for an audition. We are all stars.

Here’s to beating our Monday blues. ☕️

In The Quiet Of The World


In The Quiet Of The World

The world can scream to my ears
That I have the wrong kind of skin
That I have the wrong kind of love
That I am never enough

But there is madness within me
That long to be set free
No more casket for my worries,
Hiding a heart on a sleeve

I will plunge underwater
Where noises are muffled
And in the quiet of the world
I shall find my voice

© 2017 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Photography by Natalia Fadejeva

In response to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge #171 hosted by Nekneeraj.

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Rock Bottom

Rock Bottom

She stopped letting the world fill her in
And found comfort in solitude instead
No more do this and that; you can’t and you must
Just the resounding beat of her heart
Unfurling she finally realized
Where the world has ceased, she has begun
And this rock bottom that she was in
Turned into her very stepping stone

© 2017 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Artwork by Elliana Esquivel

In response to dVerse’s Poetics: Poems that could save your life hosted by Kim.

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A Realistic Fiction

A piano sits in the empty room where Amy used to play with her heart poured in every key, her fingers tapping to the tune of Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, and Debussy. But one accident and, in the blink of an eye, those days were gone.

“Do you know the first thing I did after I find out I have ALS?” A voice came from behind and she turned to find her mother’s weak smile. “I started swimming. I lived my life doing the thing I love the most. I swum rivers, beaches, and pools until this disease finally took away my strength. That morning, I felt like I died a thousand times and all those years of fight were pointless.””

Her mother paused, catching her breath. “But there are things that even death cannot take.” She walked slowly towards Amy, with eyes brimming with tears. “Love. My love for water never ceased… And so should your love for music, my child.”

Word Count: 162

Here is for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt. This week’s photo prompt was taken from a hidden paradise near our place. It was not until last year that the locals discovered how beautiful this river was.

P.S. My deepest condolences to PJ and her family. You have my prayers and love. Please take care and stay strong PJ. ❤

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Doodles and Scribbles at 2


YAY! It has been two awesome years for Doodles and Scribbles and I, and the counting goes on.

Through the Years

Doodles and Scribbles has grown such a warm blogging community and I have grown as blogger myself. I remember a certain someone once told me,

“…you only want attention; to bask in praises from strange faces, unknown to you and you to them, never knowing what lies deep within.”

I felt bad for these harsh words and disappointed at this someone, who never had a blogging community in the first place, saying such things. He called it shallow and pretentious, which is not.

I am grateful for the people of passion that I have met through this blog. Their worth are far beyond the praises that I have received and in contrast to what that rude someone said, these bloggers–who I consider friends–have read and seen right through me. Vise versa. Continue reading “Doodles and Scribbles at 2”

Failed Experiment


Failed Experiment

Trial and error
Evaluate, assess
Which version of me
This society accepts
To conformity I succumbed
Conceded, gave in
Only to find it’s a
Failed experiment

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

In response to dVerse’s Open Link Night and Shapeshifting 13 #70 KICKOFF: This week, in exactly 26 words, your challenge is to write a story or poem inspired by the image above (credits to Kahn & Selesnick).


Seeds of Hopes and Dreams



I spent my waking days sowing seeds of hopes and dreams on the face of the earth, wishing that they may land on a good soil. There were days when the seeds scattered on a cold, hard path where ravenous birds await. Those seeds didn’t even get the chance to grow their roots as they were mercilessly devoured. There were days when the seeds fell on shallow grounds surrounded by rocks. Most of them grew but never lasted. Some sprang out quickly but the rocks kept getting in the way while others were withered by the scorching sun and wilted craving for the rain. There were days when I found them amidst the weeds and thorns. The weeds tried to take away what little the seeds have—the sunlight, the water, the nutrients—while the thorns pierced them every time they try to grow. My tears smeared the earth on these days. In the cradle of the night, I held the last seeds close to my heart now wrapped with mudcracks, and prayed to the moon and stars for the courage to sow them again. “Patience, little girl,” the night sky whispered. So I tossed the seeds once again with a hopeful heart. I called upon the wind to blow them to a fertile soil where hopes and dreams may sprout— where tears and sweat come to fruition. Let’s see this parable come to life.

Lift your hands above
Feel your freedom like a dove
He’ll guide your plans, love

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Photography by Jenna Walker

In response to dVerse’s MtB: Let’s Kick it Up a Notch
Tending the bar today is Victoria with her piece, Death, Imagined. The challenge is to search your archives and choose a poem, even if it’s one you thought was already done, and see if you can add a little spice to it through the use of sensory description, replacing metaphor, or tightening up your word count.

This was originally a haiku I wrote last March entitled, Plans. I added little something with the help of Chèvrefeuille’s Haibun Prompt (which reminded me of patience) and Raja’s Inspiration Call (which reminded me of Matthew 13 – The Parable of the Sower).

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At Your Mercy


At Your Mercy

Fears and doubts today surround me
Endless questions I can’t comprehend
Darkened path, my eyes cannot see
Mind running wild as logic ends
These all I lay at the mercy of Your feet
My restless heart, my wavering faith
My rivers of tears and gnashing teeth
Your gift of love and wisdom, I will wait

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Image Source: Favim

Today’s Filipino word prompt is “kinaadman” which refers to “knowledge or wisdom”.

Come on! Write a poem or a fiction
Snap a photo under the sun
A six-word tale or a long post, perhaps?
Let’s all get word-high this July!

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Let Go


Let Go
An Octodil

Try not to hide
your hurt and pain
ignore and blink away
your grief, heartaches
for I see them concealed beneath
you empty and vacant gazes—
a smile may hide a lie
but the truth’s in your eyes

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Photography by seanmundy

Today’s Filipino word prompt is “balintataw” which refers to “the pupil of the eye”.

Come on! Write a poem or a fiction
Snap a photo under the sun
A six-word tale or a long post, perhaps?
Let’s all get word-high this July!

Want to join the fun? Find the prompt words HERE! Don’t forget to pingback & use the tag WordHighJuly. Mazel tov! 😉


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