Shadows Smile

Each night I am reminded of how long I have been walking alone. As the moon casts its light and my shadow walks with me, I count the days, the months, the years. I remember the girl who once strolled lazily with a wistful heart. I remember the girl who once walked in haste, too eager to find the comfort of her pillow. I remember the girl who once staggered, too tired with the intricacies of her world. I remember the sudden stops at the corner of 6th street to see the moon.

Now, all grown and wise, I see a woman behind the dark outline. And I see her for what she really is— a braveheart. Some would say a solitary shadow on a moonlit night is that of a sad soul. But I’d say, most often, the woman behind the shadow smiles.

A silhouette walks
And befriend the silent night—
The crescent moon smiles

© 2017 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

In response to dVerse’s Haibun Monday: The Shadow Knows

I took this photo on one of my solitary walks after work. I’ve always wondered what people see just by looking at the shadow alone. Would they see a sad soul or a happy heart? Only the shadow knows… Thanks Toni for this prompt! I’ve finally wrote something about this one.<3

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