This week’s The Great Book of Lists’ chapter, suggested by Jartagnan, dives into the list of books that transports you. What’s astonishing when reading a book is that at the moment you open one and sink into it, a new world unveils before your eyes—a world where endless possibility resides. A tale unfolds inside your mind taking you to a journey across the present time. A lot of books have done this to me but if I were to list them all, it may take a lifetime. So for now, here are some I’d like to share and recommend at the same time. 😀

1. Mitch Albom- As much as I would like to list a specific book, I could not bring myself to choose one among Mitch’s heartwarming books. All of them are really close to my heart and have been a refuge whenever my soul is troubled. I hope you read them all. 🙂


2. Paulo Coelho- Like Mitch, Coelho’s books are also equally special to me. They’ve brought me to the heart and outskirts of Europe, Rio de Janeiro, and most importantly to the depths of the soul of various people, including mine. These books are full of moral lessons and life reflections, they’re life’s blessings.


3. Richard Montanari’s Jessica Balzano & Kevin Byrne series- I have always been fascinated by whodunits with detectives and madman in the plot. Richard, for one, is one of my favorite mystery/crime authors. His books always make me cringe at every turn and draw me to its heart-thumping chase. And his Rosary Girls is just WOW.


4. Da Vinci Code- Reading through the pages of Da Vinci Code ignites that familiar desire in me to explore one of the world’s most notable places, Egypt. Now it’s not just Egypt but Paris as well. The urge. Not because it is considered the most romantic place in the world but somehow, I dream to stand in front of that Museo de Louvre. To trace every corner, every artwork, and every artist mentioned in this book.

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5. Patricia Cornwell’s Scarpetta series- Another favorite crime writer, Patricia’s Scarpetta series are to die for. It’s always thrill following Dr. Kay Scarpetta, the top forensic pathologist in Virginia, with her quest to solve a variety of bizarre deaths. And those jolting twists and cutting-edge forensic details are fascinating, as always!


6. Pride and Prejudice- Jane Austen’s satirical eyes in the 18th century transcended in this book. It took me to a time where the boundary between the higher echelon and commoners is unambiguous. And oh, who would forget the Fitzwilliam Darcy and his Pemberley estate?


7. John Grisham- His books took me to the courtroom, amidst the judge, the jury, the defendant, and the compliant. Although, for some, it may sound dull and boring, it is actually interesting to squeeze your knowledge about laws and lawsuits. The confrontation and quest for truth between the defendant and the compliant are especially entertaining.


8. Nicholas Sparks- Anyone who is fond of Sparks knows more about North Carolina than any state in the southern US. Sparks has a deeply moving way of portraying love and life in all of his books.


9. Katie Kacvinsky’s Awaken series- One of the most interesting and timely series I’ve ever read. This took me to the Digital World, by which sooner or later we might come to see. A world where people live their lives at home. They shop, watch movies, eat at a bistro, and walk on the beach, even party ONLINE. People exist as an avatar. A mere picture. Anything you want to be—and everything you’re not. I think what’s noteworthy about these books is the fact that we could see our very own lives jump off the pages as we read. At some point I had to ask myself, ‘Isn’t this what we’re turning into?’


10. Anna and the French Kiss- Probably my favorite chick-lit so far. This book put me in a whole new state of consciousness. It took me straight to Paris and I never looked back. The world blurs as the words on the pages come to focus more than anything around me. It is the finest escape, the best getaway. It’s one of those light reads you would grab on a dull Saturday afternoon and end up drooling over a gorgeous guy with a British accent. YAY! 😀

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