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wedding proposal




Oh my sweet, scarlet-cheeked girl
The stars shunned, the moon cowered
At your glow, joie de vivre
Oh my sweet, saccharine lass
My heart drummed, words tripped over
On my knees, I begged your YES

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Photography by David Parks via The Yes Girls

Today’s Filipino word prompt is “harana” which refers to “the act of wooing someone by serenading him or her”.

Come on! Write a poem or a fiction
Snap a photo under the sun
A six-word tale or a long post, perhaps?
Let’s all get word-high this July!

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Sunrise & Sunsets


“Stop saying, ‘It’s just the circle of life’, because life has always been more than a mere series of events that ends at the point at which it began.”

Malcolm stared confusedly, his girlfriend’s sermon stirring chaos to his mind. “English, please?”

Dana rolled her eyes, faking frustration, and leaned her head onto his shoulder. “What I’m saying is, life may be a cycle but it does not repeat itself precisely. The sun goes up and down but each day is different.”

“Just as the waves kiss the shores but each kiss is unique.” He added.

She smiled, knowing exactly where this trick would lead. “You’re not getting a kiss if that’s what you’re thinking.”

Malcolm jerked and he’s suddenly one bended knee in front of her. “Not even chance? Not—

“No.” She interfered, enjoying his exaggerated puppy eyes.

—even when I tell you the sun rises and sets knowing how much I love you but each day I love you a little more? He continued, taking out a ring from his pocket.

“Oh no!” She gasped.

“Oh yes…” He held out the gold band engraved with her name. “Dana, will you watch all sunrise and sunset with me forever?

Word Count: 200

Written for Roger Shipp’s flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner. Photo credit goes to Pixabay.

This week’s prompt is: “Stop saying ‘It’s just the circle of life’…” 

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The Proposal


Hand in hand, they walked along downtown Cebu one Saturday afternoon. Joy, in her sunny stance, had no idea what’s about to happen.

“Hey, that’s where we first met.” She beamed, pointing across the street.

A smile escaped Theo’s eyes as he led her to the building, “Come on, I want to show you something.”

Joy followed excitedly only to find a scaffolding outside. Theo, however, was beyond shocked that the building was under construction. He yelled to the men at work, “Holy crap! Gents! Didn’t I tell you to get this done by 3pm?”

“Sorry,” shouted the guy in orange, “We couldn’t find more men.”

Confused, she looked at her anxious boyfriend who’s now pacing back and forth. Their eyes met and she felt blood rush to her cheeks as he knelt. Reaching for her hand, he said in a trembling voice, “Babe, I know this is the worst proposal a girl could ever have and things didn’t go as planned—

“—but will you still give me the honor of being your man?”

Word Count: 175

Here is for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt. This week’s photo prompt is provided by Ellespeth’s friend. Thank you! And thanks for another fun prompt, PJ! 😀

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