Hand in hand, they walked along downtown Cebu one Saturday afternoon. Joy, in her sunny stance, had no idea what’s about to happen.

“Hey, that’s where we first met.” She beamed, pointing across the street.

A smile escaped Theo’s eyes as he led her to the building, “Come on, I want to show you something.”

Joy followed excitedly only to find a scaffolding outside. Theo, however, was beyond shocked that the building was under construction. He yelled to the men at work, “Holy crap! Gents! Didn’t I tell you to get this done by 3pm?”

“Sorry,” shouted the guy in orange, “We couldn’t find more men.”

Confused, she looked at her anxious boyfriend who’s now pacing back and forth. Their eyes met and she felt blood rush to her cheeks as he knelt. Reaching for her hand, he said in a trembling voice, “Babe, I know this is the worst proposal a girl could ever have and things didn’t go as planned—

“—but will you still give me the honor of being your man?”

Word Count: 175

Here is for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt. This week’s photo prompt is provided by Ellespeth’s friend. Thank you! And thanks for another fun prompt, PJ! 😀

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