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A Kiss In The Rain


A Kiss In The Rain

A kiss in the rain
Is like the howl of the wind
Igniting the flames

All colors of neon light
Spill amidst the stormy night

© 2017 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Watercolor Painting by Lana Moes

In response to Ronovan’s Haiku prompt: Flame & Kiss and Colleen’s Tanka prompt: Storm & Color


Night of Symphonies


Night of Symphonies

The night’s orchestra—
Whistling winds and rustling trees,
Plays a symphony
As we danced around the fire
Hand in hand and eye to eye

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Photo credit: Pinterest

Today’s Filipino word prompt is “indak” which means “to dance in time with the music”.

Come on! Write a poem or a fiction
Snap a photo under the sun
A six-word tale or a long post, perhaps?
Let’s all get word-high this July!

Want to join the fun? Find the prompt words HERE! Don’t forget to pingback & use the tag WordHighJuly. Mazel tov! 😉


Our Dance

Written for Written for RonovanWrites’ haiku prompt #86: Flash & Dance

Artwork by Mark Spain

Our love was a dance
In a slow-paced, swaying tune
With eyes closed, tight hugs

In a flash; a single beat
Took us to another world


Little Stars



Each star in the sky
Shinning in the moonlight is
An unborn child’s smile

To every grieving mother
They all radiate and shine

Written for Written for RonovanWrites’ haiku prompt #82: Star & Child

Earth’s Cry

Written for Written for RonovanWrites’ haiku prompt #81: Trill & Final


The mighty eagle’s sad trill
Ends the forest’s final song
Nature’s one last cry

On bended knees the earth pleads
To spare it from mankind’s greed

It’s saddening that the world we live in, once full of tall verdant trees, is now filled with towering buildings, all dull and gray. 😦




I have told you so,

Didn’t I? That I love you

Oh, most ardently

If you only take the time

To see with your heart, not mind

I have told you, too

Didn’t I? That I would stay

‘Til the end of time

If you only take the risk

And give this true love a chance

I have always said,

Didn’t I? I’ll prove you wrong

And I’ll hold those hands

Make you trust in love again

We won’t be broken though bent

And I will tell you

Over and over, my love

You are my beloved

Until these words pierce through you

Until you love me back, too

And my late posts for Writing 101: Poetry continues. Prompt 7 is a courtesy of Vijaya Sundaram. My hopeless romantic soul dance in glee for this prompt. I think I may have been a man in my past life for I could write poems from a man’s perspective. 😀 YAY!~

Day 7: Beloved

Something about the very word “beloved” causes a frisson in us. Out of the people that matter to you, who matters the most? Whom do you love, or whom have you loved more than anyone else? What does the word “beloved” summon up in your imagination? What songs, poems, stories, movies spring to mind? Who is your beloved?

Today, write a poem celebrating your beloved. It does not have to be a specific person — you could address an imaginary beloved from the future who’s waiting for you. You could take on the persona of a well-known mythological or historic character and address her or his beloved in your poem. You could create a new type of lover and beloved.





The world should not be
A quest of duality
Between black and white

Defining who’s right or wrong
Judging who’s good or bad

Written for RonovanWrites’ haiku prompt #73: Black & White



Shackled by no chain
Shadowed figure still remained
Shagged shape sheared of gleam

With nothing but dark and light
With nothing but eyes and mind

If I were a student, my professor would probably be yelling at me right now– “You’re late!”. For days, my mailbox has been nothing but chaos and I lost most of my emails. Good thing I’ve found my Writing 201 assignments. Now, for the late entry, here’s my Day 1 poetry sashimi. 🙂

Prompt: Screen
Form: Tanka
Device: Alliteration

PS. forgive my alliteration, it’s my first time.

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