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Blog Update: One Word After Another

Blog updates and work in prgress

From the words of Neil Gaiman…

“This is how you do it: you sit down at the keyboard and you put one word after another until it’s done. It’s that easy, and that hard.”

I’ve been out of the blogosphere longer than I originally planned. Somebody, call my muse!!

In the meantime, I’ve decided to tidy my shelf and post some long overdue drafts in the next few days. Sigh. Why must writing be this easy and hard?

The Show


Mine is a circus,
a one-man show.

I’m a ringmaster
‎­     In-charge and in control
‎­     With my whip and a rein
‎­     I lead life proud or vain
I’m a bouncing acrobat
‎­     Swinging on a trapeze
‎­     Breathless on a tightrope
‎­     I slip or somersault
I’m a clumsy juggler
‎­     Of choice and relationship
‎­     Of job and passion
‎­     And of yeses and nos
I’m a Poi dancer
‎­     Flirting with the fire
‎­     I either burn or tame the flames
‎­     Grasping my desires
But most often than not
‎­     I simply clown around
‎­     Amid twinkling lights and dusty trails
‎­     I smile for better days

Life is a circus,
it comes and it goes.

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

In response to dVerse’s Tuesday Poetics: Even Monkeys Fall from Trees and The Daily Post prompt: Circus




Masterpiece in Waiting

© Victoria Bee Photography

A blank page is no empty space. It is brimming with potential… It is a masterpiece in waiting— yours. A.A. Patawaran

Masterpiece in Waiting

Each day is as blank a sheet of paper
Empty as a white canvas
Quite as a still guitar
Bare as the starless sky
But as magic slides through our pen
Ink drips from our paintbrush
Fingers play with the strings
And stars twinkle in our eyes
‎­     A ‎masterpiece takes shape
‎­     Out of nothing, a glimpse of something divine.

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

In response to The Daily Post prompt: Blank

Starting a clean slate today. Happy to back here in blog-o-sphere. Let’s write our masterpieces, shall we? 😉

Fortune Favors the Brave

© Huffington Post

Fortune favors the brave
Stop wishing; start doing
Do not fear what you do not know
Unleash your life force
Let your fantasies unwind
Good things take time
The best is yet to come
Become who you are
Pick a path with heart—
Never quit;
See the light at the end of the tunnel
Affirm it, visualize it, believe it, and it will actualize itself.

Poetry Form: Found Poem


Day 13: The number 13 is often considered unlucky, so today I’d like to challenge you to beat the bad luck away with a poem inspired by fortune cookies. 

Picked these fortune cookie messages for all of you. Have a lucky day, everyone! 🙂 🙂 🙂

Flatterers and Fools


Flatterers and fools
To power they drool
Honeyed words, sugar-sweet
Night and day, they breathe of cheat
Savages in polished suits
To vagabonds they stomp their boots
And if in frivolous pledge we fall
In misery we shall crawl

In response to The Daily Post prompt: Frivolous

A little over a month from now, PH will be having its national election for the next governing body. As much as we would like to have ideal leaders that are dedicated to public service, we couldn’t really have that. Can we?

“Choose the lesser evil,” this is the very thing I have in mind. It’s saddening that we are left with this choice but that’s life. It happens.

Open Windows

Illustration by Jane Lee Logan

For years I have knocked
on a closed door
Each thump was a plea,
A prayer from a fervent soul
My hands never ceased to rap-
Slam, hammer, and whack
At the threshold of dreams
I won’t let go
But years have passed
And the door remained closed
I should have gambled at the window
Which opened a chance,
A possibility of luck-
An opportunity
I mustn’t let go

In response to The Daily Post prompt: Window

I have finally decided to climb over the windows of my dreams if I can’t walk right through its door. HA! Is that metaphorically insane? *fingers crossed*

Sadly, this would mean I have to take a break from blogosphere for the rest of March and will have to miss some flash fiction/poetry prompts. 😦

BUT… I’ll be dropping by every now and then to read your posts. That’s a promise. 😉

Ciao! ❤ ❤ ❤

Fighting Evil


Win or lose
We are what we choose
Gain or loss
We all have our flaws
Good or evil
A constant tug-of-war
But we’ll fight
wrestle and
Until our wickedness
Is distant
faint and

In response to The Daily Post prompt: Fight

Here’s to fighting against all our inner evils, big or small. *fist up*
Have a great weekend, everyone! 😀

Imprisoned Souls

(c) pinterest

Stretched across
exposed walls
Shelves filled with
different worlds
Rising like warriors,
they whisper a story
to one’s ears
Thousands of pages
waving to thee

In response to The Daily Post prompt: Shelf

That feeling when you walk in a room full of books. *dreamy eyes*
Let’s set them free, shall we? ❤ ❤ ❤

The Big 5

(c) pinterest

Five be the things I am better of without:
Hatred, envy, pretense, pessimism, and self-doubt
Four be things on my treasure box:
Faith, hope, kindness, and love
Three be the things I’ll forever thank:
God, family, and friends
Two be the things that shaped me:
Mistakes and success
One be the thing that I’ll forever have:


In response to The Daily Post prompt: Envy

Sharing this powerful quote from Oscar Wilde. Let’s ditch envy and jealousy today. Have a great day! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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