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A Writer’s Mantra

© AZ Quotes

Thousands of words I’ve written
Myriad of emotions I’ve conveyed
In every word and punctuation
And every clause and  space
When letters fuse to form a word
And words rally into a sentence
My sentences unite to make a sense
Yet, often they’re just charming nonsense scribbles
But now it is time to close refill my jar
Of poetic juices and tales
Find a good book,
Read a poem or two
Revisit the roots of my zeal

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

I’ve decided to take a break from writing for a while and indulge the reader soul within me. I am 8 paperbacks and 12 e-books behind. Plus… I owe you, my dear blogger friends, a visit. Will be hopping into your worlds in the next few hours or days. Kisses! ❤ ❤ ❤

Kite Runners Still

kite 4
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We were kids who looked at our dad with amazement as he makes our very own kite. We were kids with genuine smile as we hold on to the string preparing for it to fly. We were kids with loud laughter as we run in strong winds watching our kites glide in the sky. That’s the thing, we were once kids robbed of our innocence and now trying to live our lives.

Still I believe we have never lost our kites. We just failed to see that it, too, has been changed through time. As grown-ups we don’t fly colorful kites, we fly kites that we often call life. Life is like flying a kite. We wait for just the right conditions to pursue our life-long dreams and desires. We run into tremendous winds that throw us off the course and into the ground. There are times of no wind at all, leaving us hopeless and unable to fly. We enjoyed several joy rides. We soared right, left, up, and down. We’ve had sharp nose dives. We waited long.

What’s great to know is that as long as we’re living, flying is an option. It’s all a matter of choice. We can let go of the strings– live in fear and defeat. Or we can pick up our kites, throw it into the air and try again—live in hope and wonder. Just like when we were kite runners.

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