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In response to Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge, here’s to self-forgiveness.

6WS 1

Looking in the mirror, she smiled.

The Bop: Valar Morghulis, Valar Dohaeris

MM 1

My heart bleeds for the lost men
Who died on a crisp autumn air
Like leaves falling from their trees
Bared against the wind and cold
Unthinking that their end must dawn
Was their final look, a smile or a frown?

Valar Morghulis. Valar Dohaeris.

Of diverse culture and different races
Each deemed ahead of the other
Of varied belief and religion
Each believed to hold the perpetual truth
Lost in the void of eternal darkness
7.3 billion; the number persist to climb
Believing in our own seven heavens
Condemning each to our own seven hells

Valar Morghulis. Valar Dohaeris.

These religious-borne chauvinism and
Culture-biased prejudice and bigotry
Should not be the core of all our actions
For when spring comes after every autumn
And frozen rivers start to flow—
All men must die, all men must serve.

Valar Morghulis. Valar Dohaeris.

In response to Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie’s prompt and B&P Shadorma & Beyond hosted by Bastet.

Today we’re going to look into a fairly recently created poetic form called The Bop.  It was created by poet Afaa Michael Weaver, an American poet (born in 1951, author of several collections of poems and a full length play) during a summer retreat of the African-American poetry organization Cave Canem.

It’s not totally dissimilar to a sonnet … it consists of three un-rhymed stanzas with a repeated refrain after each stanza.

The first stanza is dedicated to the statement of a problem and it is 6 lines long.
The second stanza is dedicated to the elaboration of the problem and it is 8 lines long.
The third stanza is dedicated to the possible solution of the problem and it is also 6 lines long.

And I’d like to add three words to be used inside the poem:  lost – men – crisp.


MFtS 4

From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by.

For years, this has been her morning routine. Waiting for the sun to hung just above the trees underneath the blue sky that stretched to the horizon, smelling the faint aroma of summer leaves brought by soft southern winds, and watching mortals waking up to another mundane day. Continue reading “Pistanthrophobia”

Lost: A Haiku


Striding, wandering
Under the kiss of first frost
Wanting to be found.

This is in response to Raja’s Inspiration Call: Creative Talents Unleashed prompt. Photo Credit: © JOSE LUIS PELAEZ, INC./Image Source/Corbis/Royalty Free Photos

Inspiration Call: Write A Haiku Poem to this picture.

Thank you! My thoughts brought me back to a special memory while I was writing this one. 🙂

On bravery and love: The brave, the braver, and the bravest

The brave

She’s the kind of brave who would battle the raging waves and fight the cruel storm just to keep your relationship. For you she’ll fight against all odds. She’s the kind of brave who remembers. She’ll remember how she walked into love with you, with eyes wide open, choosing to take every step along the way, even when you’ve already given up. She’ll remember how she was once your sunshine and you were her moonlight. She’s the kind of brave who would wait in the room when you slammed that door close, hoping you’d come back in a heartbeat. Continue reading “On bravery and love: The brave, the braver, and the bravest”



Equal, alike
Extending, stretching, protracting
Infinite but never traverse

Where art thou?


When the wind blows my hair on that Friday afternoon
When pairs of lovebirds surrounds me in tables for two
When sweet nothings are exchanged within my earshot
Dear boyfriend, for Pete’s sake, where art thou?


Photo credits: Ching Falcone


My heart is broken and shattered
Terribly bruised and scarred
Absurdly hurt and blundered
Still forgetting him is so damn hard

I miss his sweet gentle kisses
As the sunshine touches my skin
He hugs me just as he pleases
And leads me to places I’ve never been

If only I could write the story of us
Collect the mem’ries and create our collage
Sketch our lives swiftly and fast
Erase the blots and clear all the smudge

I might not see you as often as I like,
Or even hold your hands every night
But deep in my heart I know that it’s true,
Forever and more is my love for you…


299064_264877023550115_645163011_n (1)

There was a time when the wind, sunbeam, and sky
The long roads and every common sight
To me did seem
Like everything was right.
But in the midst of ruins and shattered shields,
The hour of anguish and crashing down
I ask of you
To stay, still, you left
And as I wake– the wind, the sunbeam, and the sky
The long roads and every common sight
To me now seem
Like nothing’s gone right.
Think of the summer,Christmas, and milk tea treats
Of funny faces and random smiles
In a flash
You came, like a smoke, wanes.

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