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mother’s love

Little Stars



Each star in the sky
Shinning in the moonlight is
An unborn child’s smile

To every grieving mother
They all radiate and shine

Written for Written for RonovanWrites’ haiku prompt #82: Star & Child

I love you still

Written for Inspiration Call: Describe This Scene & MicroPoetry Phrase Challenge

Trying to explain the silence
She stared at the kit
Two red lines of warning
Her hands suddenly shake

Trying to explain the silence
She screamed her heart out
Asked how could it happen
Cursed fate and luck

Trying to explain the silence
Tears rolled down her cheeks
Squeezed her princess tightly
Whispered, I love you still.

Photo credit: Jose Luis Pelaez, Inc./Blend Images/Corbis/Royalty Free Photos

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