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Mondays Finish the Story

Perfect Spot: A tribute to Barbara

MFtS 7

She thought she found the perfect hiding spot,

…and a perfect spot it really is.

The setting sun dropped a little lower, shifting the skies to a golden palette of colors that stretched across the horizon. She could feel the sea slowly creeping over as she walked towards the water and felt the crashing waves at her feet. Beautiful, she thought.

Her happiness rolled in like the waves of ocean echoing their gaiety as she recounted the treasured moments of yesteryear like times past held delicately between her fingertips—the myriad highs and abyssal lows, the surge of love and the grief of loss, the rise and fall, the fear and peace, the infinite procession of life. She remembers great friends, lovers, families, and acquaintances with passionate embraces, then departing with fond farewells in hopes of meeting once again.

Taking a deep breath, she realized that she wasn’t really trying to hide, more likely, she sought to be found. And in finding her being, she found her peace. Slowly, she walked towards a large tree near the shore and sat beneath its shade.

“Goodbyes do often come in waves.” She softly whispered as her lips curved into a smile and saw the last remnants of the day fade.

As a tribute, I’ve decided to use my very first entry to Mondays Finish the Story entitled, Perfect Spot.

My experience with Mondays Finish the Story prompts goes beyond the number of posts I have made and the tales I have weaved. It became a place for meeting brilliant minds and quarters for learning and fun. All praises go to Barbara Beacham. Thank you. You will never be forgotten.


A flipping coin

MFtS 6

She lived a life that some would describe as being on edge.  She’s an untamed wanderer, a drop of free water. She called herself an angel of lust. For lust, as defined by her, is a desire to live every kind of life there is and dream every kind of dream. It is a desire to breathe the summer air, chase the crashing waves, and dance in the rain. She craved for moment, time, and people— for their warm touch and gazes that goes beyond skin.

But just as they always say, there are two sides to every coin.

There comes a time when she can’t keep her demons at bay. When all she could see is destruction, sin, and woe. A time when she turns from being a screaming siren into a muted murmur, running to a place empty of people and buildings and connection and light. A perfect place for fading and getting lost,

…but eventually, for getting found.

Word Count: 150

This is in response to Mondays Finish the Story prompt.

Finish the story begins with:   “She lived a life that some would describe as being on edge.”

PS. I’m feeling rather gloomy today after reading the current events so I ended up with somewhat a prose poem. It’s really distressing to think how living in this beautiful world is a tug of war between life and death, love and misery, faith and doubt, and hope and suffering. Life is such a flipping coin. 😦

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Just got lucky!

In response to Mondays Finish the Story weekly prompt.

MFtS 5

I watched the vulture looking at me hungrily as I lay on the ground bleeding and injured. I’m alive. What day is it? Was it an hour? A day? A week ago since the Mohingans waged a war against the Gayogohono tribe?

Numb and exhausted, I begged like the Earth— parched with thirst— would plead for rain as I looked up the cloudless sky stretching to the horizon. Ironically, the day turned bright and sunny as opposed to the crimson sight of lifeless and mangled tribesmen of Gayogohono.

Perched on a fence post, the vulture looked down on me, waiting for my tumultuous end. Hundreds of these scavenging birds of prey are circling and feasting on poor carcasses but this one remained staring at me with its menacing eyes.

“Is it my time?” I asked blankly.

Amidst the mortal wreckage of civilization, under the excruciating heat of the sun, a voiced echoed from a distance. It was soft but loud enough to raise my hopes.

“I’ll take that as a ‘no’ then,” I murmured. “Sorry pal, not your lucky day. “

And the vulture flew away.

Word Count:  169

Mondays Finish the Story is a unique flash fiction challenge hosted by Barbara Beacham where they provide you with a new photo each week and the first sentence of a story. The challenge is to finish the story using 100-150 words, not including the sentence provided. This challenge runs from Monday to Sunday! Get creative and have fun finishing the story!

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Forever Intertwined


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Everything was perfect– or so she thought. For in an instant, her beautiful world crumbled to an end; in a heartbeat, he was gone. Continue reading “Forever Intertwined”


MFtS 4

From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by.

For years, this has been her morning routine. Waiting for the sun to hung just above the trees underneath the blue sky that stretched to the horizon, smelling the faint aroma of summer leaves brought by soft southern winds, and watching mortals waking up to another mundane day. Continue reading “Pistanthrophobia”


MFtS 2 The team employed the use of Nightshade to get the information they wanted from their captive.

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“Don’t get smart on us Nicholas. Shut your mouth!” Drew growled

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Perfect Spot

MFtS 1

He thought he found the perfect hiding spot,

…and a perfect spot it really is.

His name is Gus but he’s not your ordinary cat. He could still remember the day when he walked into this random yellow door and imposed his stay in the house where a family of five resides— a mother, a father, and three younglings.

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