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A Kiss In The Rain


A Kiss In The Rain

A kiss in the rain
Is like the howl of the wind
Igniting the flames

All colors of neon light
Spill amidst the stormy night

© 2017 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Watercolor Painting by Lana Moes

In response to Ronovan’s Haiku prompt: Flame & Kiss and Colleen’s Tanka prompt: Storm & Color


K is for Kilig


GIF source: Wordstuck


Kilig, is when one may experience the following:

*butterflies in one’s stomach
*heart melting
*shivers down one’s spine
*irrepressible noises from one’s mouth
*uncontrollable smiling
*an inner conflict between hope of something wished for and reality

Kilig may also be defined as that mountain top, floating on cloud nine, invincible, i-could-keep-smiling, heart aching goodness and feeling which overpowers the mind’s ability to think straight, act straight, breathe properly and articulate thoughts into a single comprehensible sentence.

Two silhouettes danced and waltz by the fire
Eyes glistened, whispers; flirting with desire
Tight hugs, sweet gentle kisses
Two fitting puzzle pieces
Swaying to the serene tune of the lyre

Butterflies fluttered with your every smile
Gliding on cloud nine, let’s stay for a while
Blissful, couldn’t stop smiling
Euphoric, two hearts melting
Two silhouettes held and walked to the aisle

Poetry Form: Limerick


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Magic Tricks


When I think of magic, I think of your tricks

And the deck of cards in your pocket

How you came to me and asked for my name

Showing me an old trick, you were classic

“Pick a card, any card, any card at all”

That’s what you said and I did as told

Little did I know, I’ll be your Queen of Hearts

When I picked the Ace of Diamond

But like all tricks, yours was a ploy

A joke. A prank. A caper

For I never saw what was under your sleeves

Until you broke me to pieces

52 cards, 52 weeks—

That’s a year if you were counting

When you turned that diamond into a ring

You were Jack of all trades, I should have seen.



In response to Writing 101: Poetry

Day 1: Magic
The first prompt of the course is out, courtesy of @laduchessederat. It invites you to write a poem involving magic, whatever your take on the magical might be.

I wanted to write something light and jolly but, yeah, madness happens. I enjoyed this bitter piece though. 😉

Wake me

Inspiration Call - Creative Talents Unleashed 8

Wake me
Let my skin radiate with your every single touch
That the stars shining above would shy away from my iridescence
And the moon—grand and dazzling— would smile at us
Make my thoughts run wild as I curl inside your arms
Dreaming, wishing, and hoping that forever it will be you and I
Let me fill my head with stories and memories of us
Wake me
Let my smile reach from ear to ear as I wake up by your side
Staring at those enticing deep brown eyes, breaking through my senses
I would love spending my every waking day with you
Let me greet the world with love, hope, full of faith and see the beauty
Even in very little things; make me believe that goodness still exist
Allow me to believe that I am strong, smart, and beautiful
And when I have risen from the ashes like a phoenix
And have danced round the fire like a moth
Let me thank you for waking me.
Thank you for waking
The beauty inside
Of me.

Written for Creative Talents Unleashed Inspiration Call.

MicroPoetry Phrase Challenge: WAKE ME

The phrase challenge allows the writer to flex their creative dexterity, and imagination skills by taking a group of two or more words, and building a poem/short story around it.

This poem/short story can be on any topic in any meter or line length, it can be in any form ( Sonnet,couplet.Free verse,Narrative) just as long as it contains the prompt phrase of the day.

Bluer than blue


Ours was not a wintry weather
A rosebud wrapped in cold, white plague
Nor a walk on a frozen surface
A shiver under sheets of ice and sleet
No, it wasn’t a string of pretense
A game of bleak charade and deceit
We didn’t die in isolation either
Or froze in ennui and dismay

On a cold, white snow we were burning
On a cold, white snow we’re ablaze
Swathed in the warmth of the winter sun
It was a dance round a cold blazing flame
No, ours was not a wintry weather
It was a stride under cerulean skies
Amid the bleached trees and naked frames
Our fire glows, bluer than blue

Our Writing 201 has already come to an end. It was an immensely stimulating two weeks of excellently curated poetry workshop and it was such a pleasure meeting different people of brilliant minds. I’ll be definitely looking forward to our next course. Now, for a very late submission, here’s my take on our Day 9 task. 🙂

Prompt: Cold
Form: Concrete Poetry
Device: Anaphora

Twisted Tale

Artwork by Ilya Kuvshinov
Artwork by Ilya Kuvshinov

When her head is buried halfway into your neck and you feel the warm of her breath seep into your skin, you kiss her forehead softly,  eyes closed but you feel her arms tight around you and know she‘s smiling. The feeling,  is probably the best one out there.  -Unknown

Meanwhile, in a parallel universe…

Her head nestled on your shoulder, long soft fingers traveled the crook of your neck, and behind those closed eyes you knew what’s next—or so you thought. For just like a thief that crept on your sleep, you didn’t see it coming. You let an initial gasp of pain escape as she lunged and sank her teeth into the depths of your flesh while her lips sealed the skin of your throat. She gurgled and slurped your blood now soured by greed as your neck bone crushed under her teeth. Lethargy sets in and you could feel your life draining away. Her eyes remained closed at first, drinking you in; then they opened. She froze rigid, her mouth clenched and her eyelids squeezed tighter. Slowly, a single tear fell and her eyes widened in horror. It was the longest silence you’ve ever had and the loudest voice you’ve ever heard.

“Noooooooooo!” she screamed.

And that feeling is probably the worst one out there.

It’s been more than a week of endless workload and more than a week of literature drought. I haven’t written anything since then and I wish I could just spend one whole day with this blog. This mental exhaustion is dragging me down and I would give anything just to vanish for a few second and find my inner peace. 😦

Anyway here’s a quick post that I wanted to share. I read this one from Berlin-artparasites, one of the literature pages that I follow on Facebook. The artwork was beautiful and so was the caption. While reading, I couldn’t help but twist the lovely tale and gave it a bitter end (probably because I was feeling worn-out and crazy).

To a love signed and sealed

I remember a girl I once knew. She’s a kind and gentle one, almost too good to be true. She loves her family more than anyone else and her friends more than herself. She treats everyone nicely and have such strong faith in God. I‘ve always admired her, envy her even for I know I can never have a heart as pure as hers. I almost couldn’t believe we’d be very good friends and it’s something that I’ll forever be grateful with.

I remember all our dreams, all those genuine wishes of a beautiful future and even the crazy, far-fetched ones. All those innocent dreams we marvel that the stars in the night sky bear witness– the lives we‘re gonna live, the jobs we’re gonna have, person we’re gonna be, and the love we’re gonna find.

Love. Love is something I am yet to understand but it is something that I am glad she has found. I could still remember her first smile as a woman in love and her tears as her heart broke into pieces. I couldn’t be any more proud seeing her battle the fears and doubts of falling in love. She made me believe in second chances, a chance to allow yourself be happy again.

Then came her knight in shinning armor. Everybody knows how much he loves her. It, too, was quite a wait and I admire him for that. My hopeless romantic in a nutshell celebrates in delight as these two love birds sealed their promise of love.


I wish you well on your day 1 Mr. and Mrs. Ladera and to the days onwards. Sorry Ritch. There is a myriad of memories and feelings that words cannot condense and it‘s somewhat frustrating that I cannot say this to you myself. I’m afraid I‘ve never been a good friend enough because lately I haven’t seen neither your smiles nor your tears. Unlike before, I know nothing about anything anymore. I hope you forgive me and I hope know that I love you. Always. It breaks my heart not being able to hug you on your special day. I missed so many things yesterday, most of all, I missed seeing how happy you are. I promise, though, to see you through your happily ever after from now on. God bless you and JJ. 😥 ❤

Credits to Ralph Piezas for taking these photos. Beautiful. Thank you.


Euphoric whenever you’re around
Little butterflies to me surrounds
Enthralled by the weight of your magical spell
In just one instance to you I fell.

I woke up stunned with this epiphany
That I am for you, as you are for me
Your laugh is the best sound I’ve ever heard
Ecstatic on things that we’ve talked and shared.

What can I say, you got me all tamed
I am neither crazy, nor still sane
Well, who cares! This ambiguity I don’t’ mind,
For as long as my love and yours are forever intertwined.

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