Sadness of Gaia
A Palette

In the beginning there was darkness,
An endless void stretching to the horizon—
Barren and hollow

Until there was light.

And then she was an explosion of colors—
A blank canvas turned into a masterpiece
Her lands clothed with verdant greens
Not a cloud to mar the cerulean skies
Her windswept forest hummed of a melody
That blended with the rolling waves
She was marvelous
She was magical

She breathes beauty in every life,
Teeming with grandeur day and night
There was diversity but there was order—
And life proliferates

All the the beauty that she was,
All the bounty that she has,

The lofty greens turned into buildings
The vibrant colors faded into gray
The skies, a cumulus of smoke
The air, she can’t even breathe

She wonders,
Was the sixth day
The ultimate creation?
Or was it
The utmost destruction?

She hopes not.

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Painting by Josephine Wall

Today’s Filipino word prompt is “likha” which means “to create something through intelligence and skill”. The Greek & Roman mythology enthusiast in me is kicking in. Here’s one inspired by Gaia, the Greek goddess personification of Mother Earth.

P.S. The word, “likha” can either be used as a verb (the meaning above) or a noun (the creation or the result of work).

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