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Happy Hearts, Happy Feet

Yet again, life—in its most pragmatic way— found a means of pulling me away from the blogging world. Normally, I would write my AWOL explanation with a pout. But not this time. The past few weeks have been a delightful pull from the outside world to me and I hope my blogging friends here share this joy too.

Making a difference

My friend Shiela, who is a member of a local trekking enthusiast squad dubbed as “Team Bang”, invited me on a hike for a cause in Toledo City. The event was spearheaded by one of Cebu’s renowned travel blogger, Sir Aldrich Infantado of Bisaya Traveler. I was half-hearted at first because although the adventure-seeker in me was excited, my introvert persona was not. Nonetheless, all these reservations faded the moment I met the warm, friendly team, and the children of Old Bucao Elementary School.


It was a heart-warming experience being able to paint a smile on the children’s faces. They went home not just with a new pair of slippers and 2 kilos of rice but also with renewed hope. The fulfillment in our hearts will always be incomparable.

A time for adventure

After the fun program with the kids, we started ascending to the higher lands of Gen. Climaco. This village in the south sits on a very scenic and peaceful land, it reminds me so much of my very own hometown.

Located in the heart of the barangay is one of their pride, the Malubog Lake, which is aptly named for its thick, dark waters. The sun was getting fiery but we all can’t help but stop and savor the view.

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Tada! Of course, the introvert in me wouldn’t want to miss a chance to snap a shot with a favorite book.

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I Dare You


I Dare You

I dare you to move.
Plunge into my love and I will not resist nor will I stop you from swimming the depths of me. I will hand you the freedom to bathe in my warmth but be careful not to drown. For my love can be still as water or can come in waves.

I dare you to touch.
Wrap me in your arms and I will not fight back. I will build no solid wall so that our souls can stare right into each other and that our touch can reach beyond the skin. But do not attempt to own me for I belong to no man.

I dare you to fall.
If, by this time, you have swum my depths without drowning and you have touched this soul without owning, I dare you. There is a reason I keep a warning sign to this heart. Proceed at your own risk— you have been warned.

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