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Ang dalisay na hangin,
Sa aking pisngi dumadampi
Mga huni ng ibon,
Sa aking paggising inaawit
Ang amoy ng kape
Na timpla ni nanay
At mga halakhak
Ng aking tatay—
Ito ay ilan lamang sa binabalikan
Ng aking pusong nangungulila

~English Translation~

The undiluted wind
That kisses my cheeks
The bluebirds’ hymn
As I wake
The sweet aroma
Of mother’s coffee
And my dear father’s
Lively laughter—
These are just few things
My longing heart wants to relive

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Image Source: Favim

Today’s Filipino word prompt is “dalisay” which means “pure or undiluted”.

Come on! Write a poem or a fiction
Snap a photo under the sun
A six-word tale or a long post, perhaps?
Let’s all get word-high this July!

Want to join the fun? Find the prompt words HERE! Don’t forget to pingback & use the tag WordHighJuly. Mazel tov! 😉


42 Wallaby Way, Sydney


It was Sunday afternoon when Kyle gave in to his daughter’s insistent demand. Kristel, his fair-skinned, auburn-haired, ball of cuteness eight years old, had been babbling about a place ever since she watched Finding Nemo.

“P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney! P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney! P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney!” she chanted from the backseat.

“Yes, sweetheart. Almost there.” Kyle smiled through the rear-view mirror.

“Just keep swimming, Daddy!” Her round eyes widened in excitement, her little teeth as white as pearl in full show. She’s a splitting image of his wife, Lyla. If only you were here, my love, he thought.

Minutes later, they pulled up near the harbor. Seagulls hovered in the sky, gliding with the sea breeze. Kyle looked around and found the dentist’s office. “Come on, sweetheart. There’s Mr. Sherman.”

Kristel dashed to the glass door, slid it open without a word. Inside was a stunned Latino who gave her a quick smile. “Hello there little angel! Can I help you?”

“Is Nemo here, Mr. Sherman?” she asked, moving towards the aquarium.

“Oh, the clownfish? I’m afraid he must have escaped through the drainage, angel.”

Instead of frowning Kristel grinned, “YAY! Nemo’s free!”

Word Count: 200

Written for Sunday Photo Fiction’s prompt.

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge hosted by Alastair Forbes where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words. The piece doesn’t have to center around exactly what the photo is, it can be just used as a basis for a story. Thank you, Al!

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My Life


TATAY (Father)-
He’s the pillar of our strength
A man of few words
Tough but with a gentle heart

NANAY (Mother)-
Our beam of light; our comfort
In the darkest paths
She is always there to guide

The one who always listens
Kind but he could fight
With him my fears subside

She is the breath of fresh air
The youngest of three
Full of possibilities

Meanwhile, I-
Half crazy, half sane
Half evil, half kind
But one thing’s for sure
My family is my life


DAY 2:  Today, I challenge you to write a poem that takes the form of a family portrait. You could write, for example, a stanza for each member of your family. You could also find an actual snapshot of your family and write a poem about it, spending a little bit of time on each person in the picture. You don’t need to observe any particular form or meter. Happy writing!

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Little brother, no more


When I was four, I should have known
That I will never be alone
With a ball of awesomeness like you
I’m the apple of their eyes, no more

When I was ten, I should have realized
That the remote won’t always be mine
I’d be watching anime instead of barbie
I despise you for it, no more

When I was sixteen, I should have guessed
That you’re an expert at circuits and wires
How we complained but you fixed things right
I am daddy’s favorite, no more

When I was twenty, I should have learned
Not to get drunk when you’re around
They said you were both mad and laughing?
I promise to walk wobbly, no more

So now that I’m twenty-four, I have seen
How tall you’ve already been
Still a bit childish BUT has grown mature
A man, you are. A little boy, no more.

A poem for my brother who just turned twenty. Sending lots of love on your special day! ❤ ❤ ❤


For years I have stopped asking for more

For there’s nothing else I could possibly ask for

When, on Earth, I’m one of the richest person

With a happy heart and a happy soul

I have a treasure box of memories

Of the good times and even some bad ones

Friends whose worth are more than gold

And a family whose greatest wealth is love

But most of all, a loving God

Who never failed to protect me

Lend a hand when I needed strength

Who, despite my flaws, stick until the very end

The 15th of February is my very own Valentine’s Day

A day that reminds me where real bliss lies

For my riches are in people, my treasures are in love

What more could I possibly ask for

When I have more than enough at twenty-four.

Sending everyone  kisses and smiles. Please, go on, take a slice! ❤ ❤ ❤


Oil Painting by Thomas Kinkade

Streaks of morning light

Chirping birds in the sky

A smell of coffee in the air

The melody of church bells

Children’s laughter nearby

Loud screams of delight

Waking to my father’s voice

And to my mother’s smile

In another world it is darker
Dimmed by anguish and war
In another world people suffer
Chained by fear and scar

But in this world the sky is clear

Birds chirp; children laugh

In this world the church bell rings

My father sings; my mother smiles

And how I wished to spend a lifetime

Where angels of mirth dance in glee

In a small world that I call, Home

Where I am boundless and free

Last Friday, I’ve decided to post my unpublished poem, Seconds: A Vignette,  for our Writing 101: Poetry course. As a continuation, I am posting yet another LATE entry for our Day 5 prompt (a courtesy of Imposiblebong of My Own Private Idaho). This is the one I wrote last Christmas, during my two-week long holiday vacation. A time when I was in a state of blissful freedom. 🙂 🙂

Day 5: Freedom

Freedom is a fundamental need. It is so powerful that nations go to war for it. People engage in both despicable and heroic deeds to gain it. In the name of freedom we suffer, make sacrifices, and attempt to perform miracles. For freedom we are willing to lose everything and risk our lives, since no life really is one without freedom.

What freedom means is open to interpretation, which is why it’s been a recurring subject in art. In today’s poem, share your take on freedom. While you’re at it, be fearless with your thoughts. Don’t hold back. Unleash your emotions and be honest with yourself. Uncensored writing coming from the heart often produces the most amazing read.

The Gift

unnamed (1)

Many years have passed since I left,

In search for a certain gift
As worthy as one’s tears of joy
As prized as one’s last breath

Only to find it in a woman,

An image of love in every inch
Her beauty is eternal like an old photograph
Her heart is pure like a unicorn’s, and

Many years have passed since I found,

The world’s most cherished gift
Unparalleled, priceless, and singular
A treasure. A joy. And I call her ‘Mom’

Just recently, my mom celebrated her birthday and I can’t help but think of her with today’s prompt. She’s always been a gift to me and to our family, well, all moms are.

So here goes my Day 2 entry. A poetry sashimi to all moms out there! 🙂 🙂

Prompt: Gift
Form: Acrostic
Device: Simile

Lovely Mornings


Saturday dawned with blue skies and the morning sunlight pierced through the curtains as Cheska awakened to the bluebird’s hymn.

Inhaling the faint smell of crumpets and bacon as she opened the bedroom door, she came running down the stairs, straight to the kitchen where she found her mom busying the cutleries. How she loved weekends and waking up to this kind of sight. Continue reading “Lovely Mornings”

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