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She asked me to take her photo by the window. The moon hung above her head as I looked through the lens. She tucked a cigarette stick on her mouth; inhaled. Exhaled and laughed at me through the smoke.

We met in a bar two hours ago. A little drunk, she was singing to the tune of “Whiskey in the Jar.” Whack fol the diddle. Oh whack fol the diddle. oh there’s whiskey in the jar. In a crowd of dancing homos, there she was. Singing an old Irish folk song.

“You!” She notices me staring. “Are you in love with me yet? One glass of whiskey for the man in black,” she shouted. On our third glass, she pulled me out of the bar, pointed at an abandoned house across the street. “Meet me there in 5.”

So here I am. With a Lumix G9 in hand. Where she got it from, I did not ask. In fact, I never said a word since. Raising a cigarette, she looked at me from the glowing tip.

I don’t really smoke.

I don’t drink.

I haven’t fa— I was in love.

Remember this night.

We slept under the faint September moon in silence. There was no need for romance or sex in this kind of intimacy. The dawn breaks and I found myself alone. Something else breaks. Deep inside.

Damn. I didn’t even ask her name.

While going through my drafts, I saw this short story which was dated October 16, 2018. It is again like my previous post Vignette: The forgotten pages of whines — a forgotten piece whose muse got buried in the stacks of random musings and curiosities. I’m sharing it now to dust off the cobwebs of yesterdays.

What if you didn’t cheat?

What if you didn’t cheat?

I’m sorry, but I can’t find a metaphor for you to get around this thought so I just have to ask it straight to your face.

What if you didn’t cheat?

You would be playing the guitar under the moonlit sky as I sing Daniel Caesar’s Best Part for the seventh time. Your fingers would hurt from strumming and probably your eardrums too from listening. But you would just laugh it out. You always do.

Like when I stepped on your toes while trying to reach a book from the top shelf. Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky. I had no idea who the bearded guy was but I heard reading his book would make one look smarter. So I bought it. And you laughed.

But this is not a night for laughing. This is a night for asking how could a man who loves coffee forgets his mate? How could an ‘I love you’ sound like another woman’s name. How could emptiness sit between two people, with each passing second leaving a stab in the back straight to the heart?

There goes your metaphor.

It’s funny how I can liken cheating to so many things. A scenery gone wrong. Failing an open book test. Salt in a sugar jar. A crime with no punishment.

If only one of them would make the pain a little bearable.

What if you didn’t cheat? I probably wouldn’t have to worry on who I’d be: the girl who walks away or the girl who stays?


Snippet: (Non)sensical ruminations

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“Death might be life in prison”
I wonder what you’d say when I tell you this.

Last night, I carved a path out of this carnal flesh
Wanting to leave the world behind—
Thoughts, feelings
Images, emotions
Flickering like jeers from far-off constellations

Death, this world has too many body bags
And the irony that prison has become a safer place is a shame

Between us, I was the lesser WHY-person
And you were the one with the bigger questions
Transcending physics to the realm of extraordinary things
While I was lost in poetry and daydreams

Detached from the physical body
Passing through astral planes and realities
Talking about death and life
A skeptic and a believer at the same time—
This is how we’ll make love

“Death might be life in prison”
I wonder what you’d say when I tell you this, love.


Surprise no more

188-01-january-1st-2017wine.pngSurprise no more
General Fiction

“Rose! Duck!” Jade shouted before vanishing into the bushes.

Rose, innocently, searched the surrounding for ducks to find nothing but the winter air. “There’s nothing here, Jade.”

“Not that one, you silly.” Jade’s voice faded into a whisper, then she pointed at the one and only quaint house in 6th street. “Come here.  Look—lights!”

Rose comically crawled to hide behind the bushes and tried to take a peak. The lights are indeed turned on inside. She could see flickering, colourful lights from the glass window but the house had been empty for a long time. Could there be a burglar?

“Are those Christmas lights?” Jade gingerly moved close to the house. “There’s smoke from the chimney, too!”

“Jade, this smell…” Rose stopped in midair, eyes closed. “Cake.”

Both eyes widened in realization. “Cheese cake!” They shouted in chorus.

“She’s home!!” Jade couldn’t hide her excitement.

“She’s baaaack!!” Rose ran towards the door.

Bell rang and the door flung open. “Mariaaaaaa!!!”

A woman in her sixties with an unmistakable beauty welcomed Rose and Jade with a warm smile. “Argh! You got me. I’m supposed to surprise you two. Happiest New Year, girls!! How are my two favourite angels?”

Word Count: 198

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Written for Roger’s flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner and Al’s Sunday Photo Fiction.

Happiest new year, everyone!! It’s been a loooooong hiatus for me and I’m glad to be back here at blog-o-sphere. I’ve missed you and your posts! Please do bear with me. I will be hoping onto your sites in a while. Special shoutout to my two favourite girls, Rosema of A Reading Writer and Jade of Jade M. Wong. *kisses*

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Doodles and Scribbles at 1

Due to time constraint, I have missed getting back at some nominations for quite some time now. Usually, I only end up with a simple “Thank You”.  But since today is a very special day, I would like to make an exception. This morning, I woke up with a surprise from WordPress. Apparently, my dearest blog- Doodles and Scribbles– is celebrating it’s 1st blogssary. YAY! I honestly didn’t mind when I first started this blog and I’m filled with gratitude and so much love looking back at a year that was.

I’d like to thank Mandi for the timely nomination. I always enjoy reading your posts and comments. Thank you. 😘 I’ve already had the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award nomination for the first time and I would gladly answer it again. Thank you for the insightful questions, too!

1st Blogsarry

1. What are you trying to accomplish with your blog? Or put another way, what are you hoping others will get out of it, or that you will get out of it?

Truth is, I’m a recluse blogger when I first started this blog. I only wanted a retreat from life’s hustle and bustle and was just looking for another way to express my endless musings other than scribbling them on a tissue. But as I came to know fellow bloggers who are both awesome and endowed, and became a part of a community who lifts you up and inspires, I started writing to open myself up to others and learn from them in return.

I’m a hopeless romantic who loves poetry and I think Doodles and Scribbles could attest to that . Later on, I became fond of writing flash fictions, too. So, I guess, what I’m trying to accomplish is to hone my skills, to explore and appreciate the art of writing, and to inspire and be inspired.


2. How do you deal with the inevitable frustrations of blogging, like posting something you worked really hard on and getting little response? (It’s okay to admit if crying is involved; we’d understand.)

The beauty of WordPress, I believe, is that unlike any other social media, little response does not necessarily results to frustration (In my POV). When I do really work hard on something, I would only hope that those who are following Doodles and Scribbles get to enjoy my craft just as I do.


3.What is one way that someone has been especially supportive about your blog and/or your writing more generally?

Not everyone I know knew that I’m into blogging. Only my family and closest friends knew about the existence of this blog which is the way my introvert self wanted it. I couldn’t thank them enough for their kind words and warm support in my writing. Generally, I get the biggest chunk of motivation from fellow bloggers. My posts may not get hundreds of likes or comments but whenever I see those bloggers- who have turned to be my very good friends- leaving their “footprints” on each of my posts, that’s more than enough.  😘 😘 😘


4.What is one thing you wish you had known when you first started your blog?

Actually, this is my second blog. I’ve had my first blog when I was still in college but we kinda “drifted apart”. I wish I had known back then how good it feels to write to your heart’s content and be able to meet brilliant and creative minds in blogosphere. Blogging is so addictive!


5. How do you find or make or schedule time to write for your blog? How well is that working for you?

I’m a spur-of-the moment type of person. I rarely make plans and don’t do things in advance (I know it’s not always a good thing). Most of my posts, for instance, are posted on the same day it was written. Finding time to write for my blog is quite a challenge for me because of my ever-demanding job. For the past months, I’ve been coming to the office at 9am (my shift is 11am to 8pm) to read and write some posts, and if I still got some creative juices, I blog at night.


6. Everyone procrastinates at least once in a while. What’s a guilty pleasure that you indulge in when you’re supposed to be working?

Blogging in between shift has been a hobby, too. When the cat is away, the mouse will play. So they say. 😂

P.S. Don’t tell my boss!


7. What do you like to do when you’re not working or writing? Do any of your hobbies, or your occupation, feed back into your writing?

Generally, I turn to music and books. I read literary websites such as Berlin Artparasites, The Button Poetry, Poem Porn, Shadow Poetry and Poets Org for inspiration and indulge in the works of my favorite poets, too.


8. Which holiday or celebration (annual or otherwise) in the country where you live do you enjoy the most?

Awwee… Of course it’s Christmas! I love everything about it- the chilly air, the sweet smiles, the tight hugs, the lovely gifts, and the endless feast. 😄😄😄


9. Since I love food, I have to include it here: Tell us a story about one of your favorite foods, like a special time that you made it, or when you first had it, or just describe what you love about it.

If they say that the best way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach, then maybe it’s the reason why I haven’t found my man yet. Recently, I decided to learn how to cook (aside from frying). My favorite dish would be Adobo, the Philippine’s national ‘ulam’. However, my first try was a failure so I resort to my second favorite dish- Sinigang na Baboy. I was so proud that I was able to cook a sumptuous (yes, I promise) version of sinigang na baboy added with sweet corn. YAY!


10. Tell us a story about someone who told you (or implied) that you couldn’t do something because you were a girl/woman, and how you responded.

Hmm… Thankfully, I haven’t experienced being degraded as a woman but I do get doubtful looks and questions because my height happened to be an inch adorable (I refuse to say I’m short. HAHA!). Well, most of the times, it’s more of a tease than a doubt. Then I’d often smile and tell them, “Watch me.” As for doubtful strangers, I’d like to surprise them what I could do. 😉


Breaking the rules, I won’t be nominating anyone but I would gladly like to read if you choose to respond to the questions above. Anyone who writes from the heart deserves this award or any award for that matter. It’s for you! Have a great day! ❤❤❤

2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,100 times in 2015. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Three weeks ago, I was itching to go home and start my well-deserved long holiday- praying for the clock to tick faster, pulling the remaining days that are to come. There was only one thing in my mind back then, it’s freedom from the corporate world. To finally spoil myself, spend time with my loved ones, and deal with my blog. The first two came in smoothly, it’s the latter that I have failed to deal with. You see, when you live oceans away from home amidst the towering concrete jungle, spending most of your hours in front of a computer, you’ll eventually end up with a thirst for conversations, genuine laughter, childish smiles, comfy bed and a life away from PC or phone. Hence, I set blogging aside. I know I missed a lot but no regrets.

That is why, from the bottom of my happy heart, I thank blogosphere and the all the brilliant people I have come to know and value. I especially would like to thank Priceless Joy (thank you for the playful prompts), Rosema (thank you for the lovely posts), Jessie, Millie, and Madeeha (you’re all equally creative and brilliant).

P.S.  I’ve been meaning to write a birthday post since Doodles and Scribbles will be turning 1 this January and thanks a lot for such timely review!  I shall return very soon, ecstatic to read your posts and be inspired. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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