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Dalai Lama

Drops of Kindness


Even a drop of water
creates ripples
More so
an act of kindness
however little

In response to The Daily Post prompt: Drop

Sharing this lovely quote from His Holiness during his speech in an interfaith gathering on May 2013. Let’s send some drops of kindness today! 😄❤️❤️❤️

The Great Book of Lists- Chapter 2.2: Words That Matter

This week’s The Great Book of Lists hosted by La duchesse d’Erat is a special one. The list was suggested by my quote-junkie blogger friend, Rosema. It’s about the words that matter– words that has pushed you forward, to do good, and to be glad. Words that are worth sharing.

So, here’s a few of those words that have helped me make through the day. 🙂

1. Carpe diem- This has always been my life’s motto. Seize the day and savor every moment.


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