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Writers Quote Wednesday: A Start Of Something New

Featured quote for Writer's Quote Wednesday

I have heard so much about You
that should make me stay away from You
but I just couldn’t help myself
I got to close and the mere scent of You enchanted me

Charles Robert Lindholm, Sinfully Delicious

Good morning, citizens of blogosphere! I would like to welcome you all the newest addition to my blog, the Writer’s Quote Wednesday. I have finally decided to join my dear friend, Jade of Jade M. Wong in shining the spotlight onto our chosen poet or writer every Wednesday (Thursday on my side of the earth).  I hope you will like their work too! 🙂

As for my first guest, I am happy to introduce a dear friend of mine who pens about love and romance, and everything in between. Lately my muse and I have been through a series of hiatus and it was his poems that nudged the hopeless romantic in me. Twice. Meet the man behind The Reluctant Poet, Chuck.

It all started with a simple conversation about chocolates and love when his poem, Chocolate To Me, prompted me to write my own, An Inch Closer: The Sins We Make. One lead to another and here he is, writing about one’s addiction to chocolate… and love.

Give him a visit and you’re up for two bags of Hershey’s chocolate covered with caramel kisses! 😉

Good Tea, Good Time @ Chatime

My taste buds are not really fond of milk teas and I prefer chocolate and coffee drinks better. Still I always find myself going to this dainty looking tea factory, Chatime, located at E Bloc 2, Cebu I.T Park every now and then.

It has been a habit of mine going straight to Chatime on one of my solitary walks after shift and has been my refuge in IT Park during stressful days. I like these quite times alone– just me, myself, and I. I like watching students cram on their assignments in long tables. I like watching Koreans /Taiwanese /Japanese in cozy chairs surfing the World Wide Web. I like watching happy couples in their romantic date. I like to think about my family and friends and how they might be doing. Then I like seeing solitary souls and wonder if he/she and I are feeling the same? Lol. So much for drama!

Anyway, here it goes… Continue reading “Good Tea, Good Time @ Chatime”

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