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“Say ‘I love you’ now because tomorrow is never promised.”

Sadly, people nowadays think the phrase is synonymous to either a lie or a form of vanity. Some hold back their emotions, afraid of what others might say. Yes, “I love you” should not — and should never be — randomly thrown away. But if you truly mean it, fuck the rules. You don’t have to shout it to the world. You just have to say it to him, to her, to them. We live in a society filled with too much sadness, hate and depression. And though most of the times action speaks louder than words, there will always be days that it works the other way around. Sometimes it will be words they will be holding on to when you’re far away. It will be words they will be holding on to when you’re both chained to your desks on a busy day. It will be words they will be holding on to when they’re locked in a room with a bottle of pills. It will be words they will be holding on to when they’re on their deathbeds. So don’t hold those words back. Say it to your loved ones, your family, your friends. Spread love.

Vignette: Lured

you make me feel
like this is where i belong:
right by your side

It was more than your charm that lured me in. It was your mystery— the way you make my mind wander and wonder. The way you make me a changed person evey single day I spend with you. The way you make me feel like this is where I belong: right by your side. 🍃

A Soulful Duet ~

A Soulful Duet

Your words were
the soft breeze that tickled
my ears. They whispered
sweet nothings, and I melted
at the hum of your love.

The ribs which caged
my heart, crumbled at the sound
of our song. And this promise
that the wind has brought
will be a soulful duet.

Between two faraway hearts
but never apart.

© 2017 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Image Source: Favim

This poem was inspired by a piece entitled, Whispered Reassurances, by Chuck of The Reluctant Poet. Please feel free to check this beautiful poem and the rest of his works. Muse and I just couldn’t resist but write an answer to it.

Also, I noticed some of my blogger friends, Vanessa, D, Gina, and Chuck himself, are meeting at a place called, Go Dog Go Café. Anyone who’s up for a cup of macchiato or perhaps an espresso is welcome. Have some poetry on the side and you’re all set!

Lastly, I would like to thank Charley of Life in Portofino for the quick lesson about playing with line breaks. Learning is a work in progress but this is how I can go so far. 

P.S. Something went wrong with the first post so I am posting this again. My apologies. Have a great weekend everyone! 🥂🌹

H is for Herzschmerz


GIF source: Wordstuck

My heart is broken and shattered
Terribly bruised and scarred
Absurdly hurt and blundered
Still forgetting him is so damn hard

I miss his sweet gentle kisses
As the sunshine touches my skin
He hugs me just as he pleases
And leads me to places I’ve never been

If only I could write the story of us
Collect the mem’ries and create our collage
Sketch our lives swiftly and fast
Erase the blots and clear all the smudge

I might not see you as often as I like,
Or even hold your hands every night
But deep in my heart I know that it’s true,
Forever and more, my love is for you…


B is for B’shert


GIF source: Wordstuck


B’shert or  Bashert is a Yiddish word that refers to fate or destiny. In Jewish, it is a person’s soulmate, especially when considered as an ideal or predestined marriage partner.

I wish I knew you when we were younger. When life was simpler than it is now and our only task was just being kids. We might even have more time to spend with each other without worrying too much about school. You could have taken me to Neverland.

I wish I knew you when we were teens. When everything about life gets a whole lot confusing, exciting, terrifying, and beautiful. We would have been partners in crime in both learning and fooling around. You could have saved my JS Promenade and Sweet Eighteen.

I wish I knew you when we were tossing graduation caps in the air. When we didn’t know what lies ahead in the real life and we were set to follow our dreams. We would have talked about the future, our plans, and laughed at how we’re finally getting older. You could have given me a high five.

I wish I knew you when we were getting our first paycheck. When our hearts were filled with pride and joy of surviving complete independence. We might have partied all night and celebrated it with delight. You could have paid all the bills.

And lastly…

I wish I knew you when my heart was unscathed. When I haven’t recklessly given it to someone who’s not even worth it. When I still have every piece of me– no bruises, no scars. You could have handled it with utmost care.

I wonder what it would be like if our paths crossed a bit earlier. I wonder who we’d be if we’re together. Maybe I’d like to see how much we’ve changed and how much remained the same. Maybe I just want to spend a little more time with you. Or maybe I just want to see if we would like each other at that point in time. Either way, I wish I knew you back then.

Poetry Form: Prose


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Wake me

Inspiration Call - Creative Talents Unleashed 8

Wake me
Let my skin radiate with your every single touch
That the stars shining above would shy away from my iridescence
And the moon—grand and dazzling— would smile at us
Make my thoughts run wild as I curl inside your arms
Dreaming, wishing, and hoping that forever it will be you and I
Let me fill my head with stories and memories of us
Wake me
Let my smile reach from ear to ear as I wake up by your side
Staring at those enticing deep brown eyes, breaking through my senses
I would love spending my every waking day with you
Let me greet the world with love, hope, full of faith and see the beauty
Even in very little things; make me believe that goodness still exist
Allow me to believe that I am strong, smart, and beautiful
And when I have risen from the ashes like a phoenix
And have danced round the fire like a moth
Let me thank you for waking me.
Thank you for waking
The beauty inside
Of me.

Written for Creative Talents Unleashed Inspiration Call.

MicroPoetry Phrase Challenge: WAKE ME

The phrase challenge allows the writer to flex their creative dexterity, and imagination skills by taking a group of two or more words, and building a poem/short story around it.

This poem/short story can be on any topic in any meter or line length, it can be in any form ( Sonnet,couplet.Free verse,Narrative) just as long as it contains the prompt phrase of the day.


In response to Sometimes Stellar Storyteller Six Word Story Challenge.


In tears,
I wished you’re mine.

Gypsy in red


If you look deep in her eyes, you’d realize that she is a gypsy. Wrapped in scarlet silk, her enchanting beauty is certain to ensnare a soul and turn it alight.

But in a cavernous pit inside, her soul cries.

It cries for the forests she hadn’t gone exploring. It cries for the mountains she hadn’t gone climbing. It cries for the ruined cities. The crashing waves. The sunrise. The sunset. It cries for the pieces of whatever remained of her soul.

After roaming the concrete jungle, she sits in the abyss of what— all her life— she thought was a place called home. But it is not. Home is not the clicking of McQueens, the parade of Ralph Laurens, or the display of Gucci.  It is neither a breakfast at Greystone Mansion nor a night at the Beverly Hills. At the end of the day, she’s broken. Shattered into pieces of unrecognizable mess. In this empty room, she melted into a tabletop, with nothing but a candle to light her night.

Miserable. Barren. Lost.

Word Count: 175

Here’s for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt.

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is a weekly writing challenge hosted by Priceless Joy where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using 150 (+/- 25 words).

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Sunday Ride

In response to Sunday Photo Fiction’s weekly prompt.


Sunday morning started out well as the sun came slanting through the blinds. It was one of those impossibly gorgeous mornings of perfect temperature and light breeze— not a cloud in the sky. Sarah found her bedroom slippers and shuffled to the kitchen to pour her a cup of coffee, looking forward to a laid-back day.

From the kitchen window, she watched a heron glide above sun-drenched water and couldn’t help a smile. “Beautiful”, she said.

“So are you.” replied a voice that she knew very well. Turning around, she met a pair of smiling blue eyes— the same old eyes she fell in love with three decades ago.

“What are you wearing?!” she shrieked, staring at her husband wearing a top hat, waistcoat, long jacket, and polished shoes, “you look like a man from the sixties.” His lips creased to a smile, “My wife, I am a man from the sixties,” he answered, “Come on out, I have a surprise for you.” He led her outside, his hands covering her eyes.

Standing in front of the house, his hands left her eyes while his gaze led her to his surprise. On the ledge, beside their bedroom window, is an old penny farthing that brought her a wave of nostalgia. “Ohh, Tom, you fixed it.”

“Happy 30th anniversary, dear,” he whispered and planted a kiss on her cheeks, “now go on and change, your ride’s waiting.”

Word Count: 236

Sunday Photo Fiction is a weekly writing challenge hosted by Alastair Forbes where a photo is used as a prompt for a piece of fiction using around 200 words. The piece doesn’t have to center around exactly what the photo is, it can be just used as a basis for a story.

PS. It’s been a while since I joined tale-weaving prompts. It’s great to be back. 🙂

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