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Laro tayo ng lokohan

Laro tayo ng lokohan
Bilang inaraw-araw mo na rin lang
Ang magpaloko sa ex mong makupal
Siguro naman ngayon,
Alam mo nang laruin ‘to

Pag sinabi kong kasalanan nila—
Ng mga NPA at komunista
At mga adik na kasing-liit ng daga
Maniwala ka

Wag kang magtiwala sa mga balita
Sa ingay ng mga aktibista
Na pilit ginigising
Ang iyong kamalayan
Manalig ka

Manatili kang nanampalataya
Sa sarili mong diyos na mapang-mura
Syang nakapanig na sa masa
At panig pa sa Tsina—
Siya lang ang tama

Silang mga butil ang ipinunla
Na ngayo’y umaani ng bala
Ay hindi marunong sumunod sa batas
At nagtatago lamang sa anino ng dahas

Silang mga isang kahig at isang tuka
Na ngayo’y sa kalsada nakabulagta
Ay hindi na dapat paramihin
Nang matigil na ang mga krimen

Laro tayo ng lokohan
Bilang inaraw-araw mo na rin lang
Ang magpaloko sa ex mong makupal
Siguro naman ngayon,
Alam mo nang laruin ‘to

Babalik-balikan ko
Ang mga linya
At mga pangako
Uulit-ulitin ko
Ang mga bula
Nang magtunog totoo

At kagaya ng laro niyo ng ex mo,
Kung sino man ang maloko dito ay talo.

Happy #NationalPoetryWritingMonth. Don’t be fooled, Pilipinas!

Can I Tell You A Secret?

Can I tell you a secret?

I know. I knew it all along.

This isn’t just about the silence or the cold void that sits between us. I knew it the moment I saw you happy. On how your days brighten up effortlessly. I knew it because I was once the reason for them too. But those days are now long gone and I am left with a scissor to cut the string.

So, please, wait a little as I gather my guts. Or better yet, just tell me and leave so I won’t have to do so. For I have been too good at being left behind but never at leaving.

In response to dVerse’s OLN hosted by Grace.

Do you ever write poems and choose to keep them in your notes because you thought they’re unfinished? I have heaps in mine. Looking at them now, I feel nostalgic. Some still stings while others brings out a laugh. This one’s from last year. A prose I wrote as I was playing Sam Smith’s Too Good At Goodbyes on the piano.

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Exes and Fires

boy, cigarette, hand, smoke, ∞

Exes and Fires

I looked at you through the dissipating smoke. Your eyes have turned gray with age but the hint of smile never left them. As nostalgia sat between us, I wondered in silence why we didn’t last. What went wrong?

I thought of the day we decided to call it quits. There was no shouting in the room, just a sigh. A deep breath that freed us from the shackles of a failing relationship. We knew it was coming. The end was long overdue.

Your mouth curved into a smile as you stubbed out the cigarette in an ashtray. You probably can read my mind. You always did. So I threw the question out and heard your answer that mirrored my own: “We were each other’s fire.”

Two flickering sparks
Colliding into a fire
On a moonlit night

Image Source: Favim

In response to dVerse’s Poetics: The End hosted by Paul Scribbles.

This evening I want you to think about ‘THE END.’ What does that phrase mean for you ? The end of life as we know it? The end of the road? The end of a relationship? The end of a job? The end of the poem? The end of the beginning? The beginning of the end? The possibilities are END-less 😉

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An Inch Closer: Renegades


Perhaps an inch closer is all we need. Let’s be two renegades running away from a world of reason— forget chasing the secrets tomorrows hold and live the now. We need not let our minds speak for silence speaks louder under the moonlit sky. Let’s meet halfway where silhouettes dance around a bonfire. And if this world deems ours is but a dream then let’s dream harder tonight. Let the colors burst from our eyes brighter than neon lights. So, baby, how about you take your first step and I’ll take mine?

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Image Source: Favim

Written for November Notes hosted by two lovely and awesome writers, my dearie Rosema of A Reading Writer and Sarah of Heartstring Eulogies. Come, join the musical fun!😀

Music Prompt for Day 8: Perfect Strangers by Jonas Blue. This one’s also inspired by my previous poem, An Inch Closer.





I sit by the bedside table, hands tapping above the desk. The room is dark except for the faint light creeping from under the door. It’s 2 AM yet my heart and mind are still debating, “Should I ask you again?

I look at my phone thinking maybe you’ll change your mind. Maybe you’ll remember the laughter.  Maybe you’ll remember the stories that we shared together in those five years. Maybe you’ll remember our small fights that turn to cuddles at night. Maybe you’ll remember the places we’ve been into and the places we wanted to go. Maybe you’ll remember me. Maybe you’ll remember us.

Maybe, just maybe, “we” still matter to you.

Most people would find this absurd— to keep on waiting for someone. To stare blankly at your phone, waiting for that one single text saying, “I still do.”

I know you might have woken up and decided you can’t do this anymore. So you stopped answering. Chances are I overwhelm you. Chances are I am a walking mistake to you.

But then this maybe that I cling to, might be an exception.

So, I waited.

Because maybe, somehow, we could start anew.

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credits: Anna O. via Raspberry Dreams

I find it a breath of fresh air listening to other people’s love story instead of mourning over mine. Lol. Love, I learned, is both beautiful and terrifying. But always, worth it. Here’s a little something I wrote for a friend whose love story is riding on a roller coaster. Today marks their 5th year anniversary. I wish to the stars that they’ll get through love’s bumpy ride.

What If?


What if we give “us” a chance? Ignore the “buts”, throw caution to the wind and forget our fears.  Just for a minute, try to be more than what we are now.

What if we stop biting back the feelings that we thought are better left unsaid? I know they are there. I know they’re real. And I know you feel what I feel. But why can’t we take the risk?

Why can’t we walk side-by-side instead of walking away from each other? Why can’t we say those three words? Why do we have wait on who should take the first step?

What if we just take those damn steps together and meet half-way?

I don’t know what lies ahead but neither do you—neither does the rest of the world know. So how about we finally give this what if a chance?

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Image Source: Pinterest

A little something written for a friend… Wishing you the courage to take that “what if”. ^^

Word-High July: Welcome!

Let the WordHighJuly commence! 😀

A Reading Writer

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July is right on our door steps and it’ll enter with Word-High July! Maria of Doodles and Scribbles and I are more than excited to read your takes on the 30 Beautiful Filipino Words.

To welcome you all, let me introduce everyone to everyone (okay, I am not sure if I made any sense. :D). Hmm.

Here are the lovely bloggerswho conveyed their interest in joining Word-High July:

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My Love: A letter to D

Digital Art by Melinda (WhiteRaven90)

Dearest D,

I yearn for you like the irises yearn for summer heat and warmth. I want to kiss your hands and hold them as we climb atop the Pyramids of Giza or sit beneath the mango tree watching kites fly in the deep blue skies. D, I am like a beggar waiting in an alley with an empty can, pleading for your love. Every memory of you haunts me like a ghost. Like how the world stopped as you walked the hallway in little black dress—and how I wished to be the silk that night. How your sweet giggles played a melody to my ears as you watched the comical clown on the street. How the light in your eyes shined brightly as you talked about Louvre and travelling back in time, of Area 51 and aliens, of John Keats and Little Red Riding Hood.

God, how I wished for those moments to be frozen in time.

I would brave the earthquakes and fight the wolves just to see you walk the aisle of Basilica Minore del Santo Nino with me— hand in hand. I want a brighter word than bright and a fairer word than fair that would suffice to describe how I see you in my eyes. And if one day you are drowning in doubt, bear in mind that my love for you is like a phoenix. My love for you is eternal; my love for you never dies.

Forever yours, M.

Poetry Form: Prose


Day 16: Today, I challenge you to fill out, in no more than five minutes, the following “Almanac Questionnaire,” which solicits concrete details about a specific place (real or imagined). Then write a poem incorporating or based on one or more of your answers. Happy writing!

I enjoyed this prompt so much that I ended up using all my answers in the poem. ❤

Weather: Summer heat
Flora: Iris
Architecture: Louvre
Customs: Kiss in the hand
Mammals/reptiles/fish: wolves
Childhood dream: To climb atop the Pyramids of Giza
Found on the Street: beggar
Export: silk
Graffiti: clown
Lover: D
Conspiracy: aliens in Area 51
Dress: Little black
Hometown memory: flying kites
Notable person: John Keats
Outside your window, you find: Mango tree
Today’s news headline: Earthquake
Scrap from a letter: I want a brighter word than bright, a fairer word than fair.
Animal from a myth: Phoenix
Story read to children at night: Little Red Riding Hood
You walk three minutes down an alley and you find: Empty can
You walk to the border and hear: Giggles
What you fear: Ghost
Picture on your city’s postcard: Basilica Minore del Santo Nino

L is for Lakas ng loob


GIF source: Wordstuck

Lakas ng loob refers to one’s courage or bravado.

Most days things crumble to nothingness
And she’s pushed to stumble and fall
All alone— on her feet wounded
Layers of bruises and scars
Left to dwell on rotten breakdowns
Staring at the mirror— soul in shards
Most days she’s scared and terrified
But she lives and survives; fight a good fight


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