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Breathe, Then Move Along

On some days you will find yourself on the edge of a cliff. Your hands will be holding on to nothing but the rough and sharp boulders that will only leave you with callouses and wounds. Your knees will tremble at the thought of falling. Of failing. And that every single cell in your body will be in a crazy delirium.

On these days, I want you to take a deep breath. To feel the warmth of the sun. To let the wind tease your hair. Listen to the silence and hear the beat of your heart. It’s probably beating too fast but it will slow down if you give it a little time. Breathe.

And then move along. If you must walk or run or crawl on fours, do it. You will be scared. You will be scarred. But isn’t that how we grow? Let the callouses be your pride and the wounds be your drive. Be the trembling mess standing bravely at the edge of life.

‘Neath the gloomy sky
Leaves sway to the wind’s rhythm—
Blow your fears away

Waking up on the right side of the bed, here’s a little haibun to kiss away our Monday blues. Have a great week everyone! 😀


You Will Chase Her Wild

clouds, girl, storm

You Will Chase Her Wild

she is chaos,
a storm quietly brewing
sedate and serene
calm and fierce
she will blow into your life
tearing you
inside out
but you will not run—
like a fool,
you will chase her wild
you will look into her eyes
and realize
that every wound
and every scar
is worth the fight

I received a very sweet message from a poet friend, Chuck of The Reluctant Poet. My muse and I have been missed dearly and I couldn’t help but smile at his thoughtful words. Hence, here’s a little something to make amends for my sudden absence.

P.S. Rest assured, my muse have not blacklisted you and was even inspired by your recent piece, I Chased The Storm. It’s always a joy to realize that this is the 3rd time that you and your muse has nudged mine to write. Thank you. ❤

Image source: Favim

A Soulful Duet ~

A Soulful Duet

Your words were
the soft breeze that tickled
my ears. They whispered
sweet nothings, and I melted
at the hum of your love.

The ribs which caged
my heart, crumbled at the sound
of our song. And this promise
that the wind has brought
will be a soulful duet.

Between two faraway hearts
but never apart.

© 2017 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Image Source: Favim

This poem was inspired by a piece entitled, Whispered Reassurances, by Chuck of The Reluctant Poet. Please feel free to check this beautiful poem and the rest of his works. Muse and I just couldn’t resist but write an answer to it.

Also, I noticed some of my blogger friends, Vanessa, D, Gina, and Chuck himself, are meeting at a place called, Go Dog Go Café. Anyone who’s up for a cup of macchiato or perhaps an espresso is welcome. Have some poetry on the side and you’re all set!

Lastly, I would like to thank Charley of Life in Portofino for the quick lesson about playing with line breaks. Learning is a work in progress but this is how I can go so far. 

P.S. Something went wrong with the first post so I am posting this again. My apologies. Have a great weekend everyone! 🥂🌹




I sit by the bedside table, hands tapping above the desk. The room is dark except for the faint light creeping from under the door. It’s 2 AM yet my heart and mind are still debating, “Should I ask you again?

I look at my phone thinking maybe you’ll change your mind. Maybe you’ll remember the laughter.  Maybe you’ll remember the stories that we shared together in those five years. Maybe you’ll remember our small fights that turn to cuddles at night. Maybe you’ll remember the places we’ve been into and the places we wanted to go. Maybe you’ll remember me. Maybe you’ll remember us.

Maybe, just maybe, “we” still matter to you.

Most people would find this absurd— to keep on waiting for someone. To stare blankly at your phone, waiting for that one single text saying, “I still do.”

I know you might have woken up and decided you can’t do this anymore. So you stopped answering. Chances are I overwhelm you. Chances are I am a walking mistake to you.

But then this maybe that I cling to, might be an exception.

So, I waited.

Because maybe, somehow, we could start anew.

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credits: Anna O. via Raspberry Dreams

I find it a breath of fresh air listening to other people’s love story instead of mourning over mine. Lol. Love, I learned, is both beautiful and terrifying. But always, worth it. Here’s a little something I wrote for a friend whose love story is riding on a roller coaster. Today marks their 5th year anniversary. I wish to the stars that they’ll get through love’s bumpy ride.

What If?


What if we give “us” a chance? Ignore the “buts”, throw caution to the wind and forget our fears.  Just for a minute, try to be more than what we are now.

What if we stop biting back the feelings that we thought are better left unsaid? I know they are there. I know they’re real. And I know you feel what I feel. But why can’t we take the risk?

Why can’t we walk side-by-side instead of walking away from each other? Why can’t we say those three words? Why do we have wait on who should take the first step?

What if we just take those damn steps together and meet half-way?

I don’t know what lies ahead but neither do you—neither does the rest of the world know. So how about we finally give this what if a chance?

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Image Source: Pinterest

A little something written for a friend… Wishing you the courage to take that “what if”. ^^

A Writer’s Mantra

© AZ Quotes

Thousands of words I’ve written
Myriad of emotions I’ve conveyed
In every word and punctuation
And every clause and  space
When letters fuse to form a word
And words rally into a sentence
My sentences unite to make a sense
Yet, often they’re just charming nonsense scribbles
But now it is time to close refill my jar
Of poetic juices and tales
Find a good book,
Read a poem or two
Revisit the roots of my zeal

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

I’ve decided to take a break from writing for a while and indulge the reader soul within me. I am 8 paperbacks and 12 e-books behind. Plus… I owe you, my dear blogger friends, a visit. Will be hopping into your worlds in the next few hours or days. Kisses! ❤ ❤ ❤

Swaying Purples


Swaying Purples
A Free Verse

Cup-shaped blooms
Loved by a Rose
Acres of verdant fields
Swaying purple grows
Of grace and regal
It’s beauty shows
‘Neath the cerulean skies
Simplicity glows.

A flower of love—
Undying and passionate
No wonder why a Rose
Fell for a tulips
For she, herlself, is beauty
And grace intertwined
She glows in simplicity
Sways with love ‘neath the skies.

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

To read more about Tulips, click here. Photo credits goes to Favim.

I’ve been away from blogosphere for quite some time because life happens. Well, life still happens but I’m happy to be back!!! How is May going on for you? Here in PH, May is celebrated with it’s Flores de Mayo (Flowers of May). 🙂

So this one’s for a very special flower from my garden of blogger friends, Rosema of A Reading Writer. She’s an exquisite poetess and storyteller, a sweet and charming friend, and a kind soul with a heart that listens when you need one. Thank you dear Rosema! *hugs and kisses*

If I should have it my way…


GIF source: Tumblr

If I should have it my way…
I’d etch in your skin the letters of my name with a serrated knife


No. You don’t deserve a plain sharp blade.
I want the edges to grab the layers of your pale skin, one after the other, digging deeper at every thrust. If I should have it my way, I’ll maim you very slowly so you would feel the throbbing pain I endured as you carelessly (or cautiously) stabbed me from behind.

No. You don’t deserve clean cuts.
You will bleed a great deal until you drown in the depths of your despair and misery. If I should have it my way, I will leave your mangled heart and soul in the cradle of the cold, heartless night so you would suffer the grief of an exile with nothing but puddles of tears by your side.

Have I marred you enough?
No. You need to remember my name. I want you to trace every letters etched on your skin.


The name you once thought was synonymous to weak, naïve, pathetic, and misfit. The name which once reminded you of a woman who loves green, mature yet childish, loud but quiet, rough yet sweet, smart but easily deceived. The damsel in distress without her knight in shining armor.

I want you to trace those very letters and look me in the eyes—to see a monster. No. Don’t think too highly of yourself, dear. You didn’t create me, I have a monster deep inside. You simply awakened the beast.

Now, if I should have it my way…
I’d shower you anguish. Feel my wrath.

This is madness scribbled on a piece of paper. After I saw my friend’s post in Facebook with the “B” word, I knew then that her beast-mode is on. The monster is unleashed.

Argh! I dread the distance in between us! I haven’t heard the whole news from her yet but here’s how I imagined her wrath must be. Love you, Fat(P.S. She really is a naughty angel most of them time!) 

Tears & Solitude


On empty bed, tears she shed

A lonely waking day she dread

If only moon shines eons long

A sinful night won’t be so wrong

They say I ought to be ashamed

Of solitude, am I to blame?

When I am but a forlorn soul

 Denied of ever being whole


A random thought inspired by a lovely blogger’s six-word story. Thank you, Lori! ❤️❤️❤️

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