We hate the feeling of being powerless. Every day, we fight to take control of our time, our choices, our freedom, our life. But, with the pandemic limiting our personal control in countless ways, winning has been an uphill battle.

That is why if and when we get the chance to make something happen, we seize it. Strongly and decidedly.

Last April, my friends and I planned a weekend getaway to Camotes island. Two months after our Tuburan Escapade, we could not wait to get a better taste of the sea. We paid our reservation, packed our bags and happily headed to Danao port. All was well until things took a sudden turn. Due to a typhoon, trips to the island were cancelled. And we had no backup plan.

It took us hours to decide and find an alternative place to stay. We had to let go of our expectations (and excitement) and get comfortable with the sudden change. It was, at first, frustrating but in the end, we realized that Plan B can be as good as Plan A. So here’s what we did!

From Island Adventure to Staycation Real Quick
Maayo San Remigio is an up-and-coming hotel resort that offers a refreshing escape in the northern part of Cebu. Thanks to Renson and his connections, we were able to get a last-minute booking for nine people. They have different accommodation rates during weekdays and weekends, and guests can choose from family villas to modular rooms. As for our group, we took the latter because it’s cheaper. No regrets since the buildings have colorful summer vibe, the rooms are big, and their vanity mirror is a crowd favorite!

A Front View Seat for the Sunset
Guests’ access to the beach closes at 5 pm so we only had a few hours to make the most of it. The boys went ahead to tour the area while the girls… well, girls will be girls. We took our time being vain.

Men at work
Girls just wanna have fun~

When we rejoined the boys at the waterfront patio, the waves were raging. We instantly understood why our unexpected detour was a blessing in disguise. But despite the scary waters, we actually enjoyed it.

Understandably, there was no one in the shore. Most guests opted to swim in the pool, but the big waves were too tempting for us to ignore. So we headed down to the beachfront and started playing in the waters. As people noticed the fun we were having, some of them followed suit.

We then transferred to their infinity pool. Maayo San Remigio has a sunken pool bar where you can order some refreshments and snacks. We got ourselves some fruit shake and fries. As the dusk slowly rolled in, we watched the sunset cast its rays through the gray clouds. A perfect spot to cap the day.

Luxury Vacay Plus Some Tipid Hacks

The rest of our stay was spent exploring the 2.7-hectar resort the most striking part of which is their cliffside. The movie “Titanic” immediately comes to mine once you see it for it is shaped like the bow of a ship. Here, you can remake Jack and Rose’s iconic “I’m Flying” scene without the need of technical props. This spot offers a panoramic view of the sea with unobstructed natural lighting and summer breeze.

They also have a wide banquet hall and function area, though we didn’t get a chance to dine inside. PRO TIP for those who are on a tight budget like us, there is a sari-sari store/karenderya just beside the entrance gate of Maayo where you can eat. Ate Elvie has been working for the previous owner of the land before it was bought by the the Primary Group of Builders. She was allowed to stay even after the takeover and now caters mostly to the staff.

There will always be better days. This is what this trip taught us. No matter what plot twist we face, we just have to seize the day. Until next time!

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