Monthly Blog Update

After three days of undisturbed rest, I am back to the “real” world again. With this comes my late wrap up for the month of October.

I have already mentioned most of them in my last blog update but here’s a quick overview of what I’ve been up to.

Things I’ve written…

This month, I’ve decided to revisit the old poems from my Instagram account and start sharing them here in WordPress while I am taking a writing break. But, apparently, I’ve only reposted two: we molded this valley of memories with love and Vignette: Stolen gazes, knowing smiles, paperbacks. The rest were just mishmash of random things.

Books I’ve read…

If there’s one area in my life that is doing really great, that would be my reading life. My bookish heart was filled with joy this when James and I started the month with a book hunting day. We hopped to all three branches of Booksale in metro Cebu (Robinson’s Fuente/Emall/SM City) and took a few gems with us at a very cheap price! Here’s my October book hoard:

  • The Choir Boys by Sophie Hannah (Php20 @Robinsons)
  • Lost Girls by Andrew Piper (Php83 @Robinsons)
  • The Bookseller of Kabul by John Krakauer (Php154 @Robinsons)
  • The Poet by Michael Connelly (Php83 @Emall)
  • Grendel by John Gardiner (Php10 @Emall)
  • Blowfly by Patricia Cornwell (Php83 @SM City)
  • The Abortionist’s Daughter by Elizabeth Hyde (Php50 @SM City)
  • A Thousand Splendid Suns (ordered online for Php250 @bookprojectph)
  • The Swallows of Kabul (ordered online for Php175 @bookprojectph)

Of course, October is not just about hoarding. I have finally found my drive to read again, thank you very much. AND it is also a month of first times! One is my decision to give paranormal fiction a try which I shared in Book Talk: The uncomfortable zone. So far, I have ticked off four novels from my TBR list.

It was supposedly five books but I had to set aside Grendel for some personal reasons. Here’s why: Book Talk: Meeting Grendel up close.

Places I’ve been…

Although it was mostly raining, there were a number of purple pink sunsets throughout the month of October. I am back to my #WalkFromHome mode again which allowed me to witness these moments. Apart from the bookstores I have mentioned, the office was as after as I have gone this month.

Posts I loved…

Sadly, I’ve had close to zero interaction with the people I follow in this blog. There’s just too much pressure at work for me to spend a longer time in my Reader. I hope to improve on this area in the next coming months. *fingerscrossed*

October ended with a super typhoon here in the Philippines. Lives and livelihoods were greatly affected. I would like to ask your kinds hearts to include my fellow Filipinos in your prayers. Thank you. 🙂