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On histories and mysteries


I remember standing in this corner of the street. A once timid soul staring blankly at the stoplights, waiting for a signal if I should stop or go. Cars speeding to and fro with blaring lights, I remember my heart beating like a drum. Too afraid and too cynical if I could make it to the other side of the road. Seconds turned into minutes, I waited until the hour hands forced me to move along. Day after day, this has been my routine. Until I found you you found me.

Eyes on the map, you were looking for this corner of the street. Strange and hilarious — that is how I thought back then. Perhaps you heard about the girl that was always stuck in the crossroad. Or you wanted to know what magic draws her to this place. And so in this corner of histories and mysteries, things have changed.

I no longer dread the stoplights. My feet now know when to stop or go. And when I’m afraid or cynical, I have a hand pulling me close. Leading me to the other side of the road. Heart still beating like a drum, I know it wasn’t because of the speeding cars. It was something else. It was you.

The trees kept quiet
As a new story unfolds—
Two souls, one crossroad


In response to dVerse’s Haibun Monday: Transitions hosted by Merril D. Smith who asked us to write about change, but specifically, to write about a transitional time in our life.

This specific corner in IT Park has always been a special place to me. It has inspired a number of poems before— and it still do. Looking back at one of the pieces I wrote, I find it amusing how things have changed. I used to write about chaos, but now this place reminds of being brave.

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27 thoughts on “On histories and mysteries

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  1. well done Maria! I love the change you so lovingly described here, when two souls become one story that unfolds , what a precious haiku


  2. Beautifully imagery. One could read it in different ways–histories and mysteries! 🙂
    Isn’t it strange how we are drawn to certain places? And maybe for you, it was meant to be.
    Your haiku summarizes beautifully.


  3. I enjoyed this so much. So many crossroads in our lives…you’ve enumerated, described, related to one special one. Well done.


  4. How beautiful. I used to freeze at stoplights (suffered panic attacks), so your opening brought me to that – didn’t see the ending.


  5. Nice last line in the haiku: “Two souls, one crossroad”


  6. And now it is my turn to meeeeeeelt, dearie. Words wont be enough to say I am soooo happy for you. That last line is alsooooo… Siiiiiigh.


  7. This is a wonderful love story… and how to be found… certainly we have to stop at a crossroad every now and then instead of rushing ahead..


  8. What a touching story of love and trust … and serendipity!


  9. That haiku in the end part 😍😍😍 Labley~ Gugma na this 😁😁😁

    Liked by 1 person

  10. I would be afraid to cross the street too but if someone is guiding me, that would ease my fear. Lovely journey for the two souls sharing 1 crossroad.


  11. Oh Maria this is so beautiful and romantic and wistful! You haven’t lost your special touch with words and I’ve missed the way you weave your imagery!


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