I often have a tendency to look at life from a poetic point of view. From sunrays piercing through canopies to a solitary mug in a coffee shop. I look at things, people, and moments— and poetry just comes easy at times.

Waterfalls, in particular, tend to draw my not-so cheery muse in. Maybe it’s the downpour but, nevertheless, these cascading beauties never fail to sweep me off my feet in the literal and figurative sense.

Working oceans away from home, I always look forward to my planned vacations. This time, I begged (yes, begged) my sister and cousins to take me to Karap-agan Falls. Thankfully, they gave in. Just two municipalities from my hometown, Hilongos, I went on a roadtrip with the gang.

Slowly making its way into the limelight is Matalom’s very own hidden paradise, the Karap-agan Falls. Locally known as Mahayahay Falls is the two-tiered waterfall tucked in the fringes of baranggay Caridad Norte.

Just gorgeous ❤

The hike from the jump off point is quick and a piece of cake for enthusiasts. Our 15 minutes (Okay as you all know, I don’t keep track of time. Haha. I read it from a fellow blogger’s post) trek down the river and trail led us to a scenic paradise.

River trekking.

I think the beauty of this place lies on its seclusion. It remains untamed and unexploited and unknown to most.

Finally, we met. 😀

The two layers of Karap-agan Falls offer an equally great experience. Being the overly eager among the five, I went ahead and climbed my way up the second level. I was welcomed by the gushing water where one can enjoy a five-foot jump over a mini pool. The shower is also a playful massage to anyone wants to go under it. And if you’re feeling more adventurous, you can jump from the tier two down. It’s a little tricky, though, since you have to know exactly where to land and avoid hitting the rocks.

Personally, I prefer spending time in the ground level because it’s more serene plus you could get a wide angle view of the surrounding forest and the sky when floating. The pouring water sounded like a hush and for a rare time, I lost poetry. No metaphors or hopeless romantic thoughts. I only wanted to be in this quiet. Perhaps it was silence that I needed all along.

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Too close yet too far. Can you imagine my frustration? 😦

If there’s one thing I regret during my vacation, it’s  getting a perm before going to this place. Ugh. Why did you have to do that, Maria?!  So while the rest were swimming, I was, well, watching.


There were no other people when we get there so we had Karap-agan Falls all to ourselves. How cool is that! We spent the whole afternoon here before we decided to check out the neighbouring Hito-og Cave which is also making its name in social media. BUT that will be another story since I’ve become too lazy to write. HAHA!

A fair warning to interested adventure-seekers, it may only be a less than an hour ride but the unpaved road on the way is rough and, on your worst luck, a layer of mud. Observe utmost caution if you’re driving. Please also bear in mind that you have to park at your own risk. Do not leave valuables in the jump off area. And lastly, you will be crossing a river. Waterproof your belongings. 

Until next time, loves! 🙂