Scribblings and scrawls of a hopeless romantic soul




I submit to your dominance
Like a foolish myrmidon
Jump in circle if you need—
This soul’s entangled to yours
My virtues are figments
Lost in the willowwacks
Your love enslaves me and
With a glint of utter fear
I tremble of being free

© 2017 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Photo Credit: MKAphotography

In response to dVerse’s Quadrille: Fear hosted by Victoria C. Slotto and MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Wordle #166 hosted by Yves.

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32 thoughts on “Submission

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  1. “My virtues are figment”–this is my fave stunning line, WOW!

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  2. Beautifully constructed wordwork.


  3. Oh my…..a different view of love here. I think of love as freeing one to be themselves…the fear enters in here — a love that enslaves. Yes….for some it is this way and fear is very much a part of it.

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  4. Great last line that illuminates the sentiment behind the poem. Very relatable as well!

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  5. Powerful pen here Maria and a scratch under the surface of love’s bright outer.

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  6. Oooohhhh, dear Maria, you are a wordsmith indeed!

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  7. Fear of freedom seems to be a real fear if we don’t know what we would do with that freedom.

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  8. Great work and poetry Maria. I have read it a few times now and it gets more powerful with each read.

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  9. Ah, love that enslaves is not a good thing. Great write!

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  10. You have responded to the prompt so well. I felt a frisson of fear just reading it. Abuse.

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  11. Are you acquainted with the Japanese practice of shibari? This poem put me in mind of that. Beautiful poem.


  12. Beautiful and intense! A rather different take on the prompt but all too well fitting!


  13. Lovely aching piece.


  14. I. I. I… Thought of… You know who dearie..hehe


  15. You know I’ve always hated that word submit/submission. Maybe due to Christian Grey, although, besides that aspect I didn’t mind the books/movies.

    However that besides the point, the reason I do not like the word b/c in many cases the person doing the submitting is seen as lesser, is not equal in Rights or privileges to another.

    And I don’t think that works in life or even in books. Going back to Christian Grey, in the second book he lives Anna and realizes she can not be his ‘submissive’ (at the end of book 1) rather we see in the following books/movies she becomes more powerful and even when Christian lowers himself, Anna makes him rise up. When they b/co equals then their relationship is possible it works. Ana and Christian work b/c they both have equal power to hurt and harm e/o but also to love ,help, and care for each other.

    I’m not sure if you’ve seen the books movies but for me this example suits your poem.

    Your character loves this guy but true love does not consist of two halves or of submission as the understanding of the word by most is of being lesser. Rather, love is that two wholes become a couple. They are both one couple but both have their own lives, likes, dislikes. Even if someone is the more talkative or dominant or demanding person in the relatiobship, somewhere in their emotional and judicial bond, this equals out in healthy relationships.

    Just my thoughts but well written Maria 🙂

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    • Hello, Mandi! Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I appreciate it very much. 🙂 And yes, I have read the three books and watched the movies. This was my attempt to write from a different perspective. We all have our different takes when it comes to love, and this – one defining love as submission- is just one of them. I, for one, am not entirely into the idea of submission and domination in a relationship.

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      • Haha, no I’m not either. I know you were trying to go from another perspective you did a great job as it had me perplexed. I just meant two equals are needed in a relationship not submission in allowing one partner to do as they please and expect the other person to obey always.for me it’s an old-fashioned view of marriage my Grandma and her mother etc. lived with. Sorry my example didn’t work well it had nothing to do with that whole S&M or even sex.. And, yes, I realize for the speaker, she is okay with this.


  16. *physical not judicial lol.


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