On Persistent Winters

The snow kisses the trees and fields
And wrap them with a white quilt
But little did the snowflakes know
I have found my summer in you

On persistent winters I am snug with love
Slithering my way to feel your warmth
My winter love, oh how I pray
For time to freeze this very day

© 2017 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

In response to dVerse’s Poetics: Wish you were here… hosted by the lovely De.

If only I could taste the winter with that somebody, I’d probably write this on a post-it note over a breakfast in bed. But, unfortunately, this will have to wait. Haha! A big “AYE, AYE” to De for saying that April is the wildest poetry month. 

Also, still two letters behind, here’s a late entry written for A to Z Challenge: Letter O.

Today’s photograph is entitled On Persistent Winters by Reylia Slaby. You can find more of her works on her Facebook Page and Instagram account.

YAY! Let the challenge commence!



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