YAY! It has been two awesome years for Doodles and Scribbles and I, and the counting goes on.

Through the Years

Doodles and Scribbles has grown such a warm blogging community and I have grown as blogger myself. I remember a certain someone once told me,

“…you only want attention; to bask in praises from strange faces, unknown to you and you to them, never knowing what lies deep within.”

I felt bad for these harsh words and disappointed at this someone, who never had a blogging community in the first place, saying such things. He called it shallow and pretentious, which is not.

I am grateful for the people of passion that I have met through this blog. Their worth are far beyond the praises that I have received and in contrast to what that rude someone said, these bloggers–who I consider friends–have read and seen right through me. Vise versa.

In its first year, Doodles and Scribbles took a milestone in meeting great wordsmiths (to name a few: my dearie Rosema, Jade, Sarah, Mandi) and participating in different prompts. Flash fiction writing was also surprise to a poetry enthusiast like me and I found the experience refreshing. I especially thank PJ for my first flash fiction prompt. 😊

Our second year was another year of growth. Meeting the great minds of dVerse Poet’s Pub and sipping poetic drinks served at the bar was the best. Rest assured I will be coming regularly. Also a coup for Doodles and Scribbles was the month-long writing prompt, Word High July, that I was co-hosting with the lovely Rosema. Through it I was able to encounter the diversity of writers here in blogosphere. To DavyStella, Mich, NJ, Melinda, Muse and the rest– you all made this a success.  🎉

A Humble Desire

Although I’ve been having a lot of MIAs lately, I wish Doodles and Scribbles a continuous growth. I am really bad at making plans and scheduling (it’s a work in progress) but I hope to participate more actively in poetry and flash fiction prompts. I look forward to reading more from my blogging friends and exchanging conversations with them. Also, I hope to share some pieces in my instagram account @doodscribbles , more often too.

Here’s to more writing ang kicking life’s butt, everyone .🍻

P.S. Two of the biggest blogging events are in the corner. Are you up for the 2017 A to Z Challenge and NaPoWriMo this April? I’d love to see you there! Shall we? 🍃