Hands clasped beneath my chin, my fingers interlocked like metals of a zipper fitting into each other. My lips trembled with the weight of something heavy tethered from my heart. Fears? Doubts? Mistakes? No, it was regret. Regret that I did not let go and let You. When I’m one step away from surrender, You never left. When I’m one failure away from falling apart, You carried my load. When I’m one sin away from death, You showed me mercy. Head bowed and eyes closed, I uttered the words I should have said a long time ago, “My God, my savior, thank You.”

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Image Source: Favim

Written for November Notes hosted by two lovely and awesome writers, my dearie Rosema of A Reading Writer and Sarah of Heartstring Eulogies. Come, join the musical fun!😀

Music Prompt for Day 6: Street Called Mercy by Hillsong United. This is a personal favorite song for me. Hope everyone is having a blessed Sunday. 💝🙏🏼