To a four-year-old unanswered letter…
A Spoken Word Poem

Our story did not turn out the way you would have written it. No roses, no date nights, no kisses or tight hugs. You would have inscribed love in every line; filled the chapters with laughter and smiles. You would have carved utter bliss on our faces and our story would have had a happy ever after. We would have been bestseller.

Instead, I wrote you tragic story— a dreadful dystopia for you alone. I was a spilled ink running over your romantic scenes; an eclipse to a starry night. I was your runaway no one and you… you were the heartbroken man. I have never let you waltz with me in the path of love for you were a mess and I was a bigger mess.

And let’s accept it, we were two unruly messed up beings.

So I walked and left you in a corner, at the junction of what and why. What and why. What went wrong and why did our story end that way? No. Scratch end. It never ended, right? I tried not to see it the corners of your eyes but it was there. I could hear the dialogues in your trembling voice as your fingertips itched to resume the tale that was once written in your heart. I could feel it, it was still there.

And I am sorry.

I am sorry that I couldn’t give you a better ending. I am sorry that we couldn’t have a better beginning.

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Photography by Anna O.

Today’s Filipino word prompt is “yugto” which refers to “a fundamental transition or development of a story or phenomenon”.

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