When I reach the twilight of my days, I pray
That I have written enough of unicorns and moonbeams
That I have never missed to marvel the beauty of sunrise
Of sunsets, rainbows and verdant greens
That I could smile at my sorrow, anguish and pain
That my poetry and prose screamed enough of my joys
My tears, ups and downs

I pray that when I reach the twilight of my days
I have slit my rib cage open enough for you to see
That amidst the world’s series of charade, I was real—
Unmasked and untamed
So you could write me a lovely eulogy
Make me chuckle at my epitaph
When I lay, in peace, six feet beneath the ground

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Photography by Christa Taylor

Today’s Filipino word prompt is “habilin” which refers to “anything given to  somebody for safekeeping”.

Come on!
Write a poem or a fiction
Snap a photo under the sun
A six-word tale or a long post, perhaps?
Let’s all get word-high this July!

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