She craved to write something beautiful
Like how the night sky stretched endlessly
A dark veil that hung overhead—
Unmoving and still
Like how the stars that flickered up above
Reminded her of home, of dreams, and of unicorns
That each glimmer was a tinge of hope—
A touch of a whimsical dream
Like how the moon, full in its glory,
Brought light to her darkest corners
Reminding that she is never alone—
That it is ready to listen

But as her eyes closed in the cradle of the crisp air
She found beauty in a pair of eyes
So dark that the night sky cowered
Its iridescence made the flickering stars shy away
That the moon, even in its full glory,
Winced to the radiant glow of those eyes
She craved to write something beautiful
Something about the night, the moon, and the stars
But, instead, she found herself writing
About a pair of dark eyes.

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Artwork by Paul Pond

Today’s Filipino word prompt is “paraluman” which refers to “a muse that inspires artistically”.

P.S. This was an unpublished  poem I wrote last May. I have been out of the blogosphere for three days now. Work happens. 😦 My apologies for the posts that I have missed and comments that I have not answered to. I will catch up on reading your posts the soonest!
Hugs and kisses! -Maria.

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