The winds brushed the clouds away, unveiling millions of stars that glistened like diamonds in the night sky. Every flicker was a smile as if to say they have finally arrived— that they’ve been looking forward to see me.

“Hello there, gorgeous.” I winked at Cassiopeia. The sight of those five bright stars forming a “W” (or M) reminded me of home. Beneath this profound darkness, I lay half awake amidst the hatchery of shimmering lights. My thoughts traveled from present to past, past to future. Images of people and places and laughter and tears flashed before my eyes. Every memory sparked with a bigger explosion and I was left with vertigo as if plunging downward into an abyss.

I felt lost more than ever.

My eyes opened to see nothing but a stretch of nocturnal sky. “Will you just tell me why am I here?” I pleaded the winds.

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Today’s Filipino word prompt is “muni-muni” which means “to think deeply or to ponder”. Whenever I try to think deeply, I always end up talking to myself. So here’s a sequel to a short fiction I wrote for Friday Fictioneers entitled, Soliloquy. The image above is a courtesy of Shawn Malone.

Come on! Write a poem or a fiction
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