First day and Levi’s already out for a fieldwork. He trailed behind his boss, Hannah, a gorgeous mid-twenties woman exuding independence and flair. At a young age, she has established a name in the world of photography being one of the elite events photographers in the country. Her photographs transcends from the lenses of a camera to the windows of one’s heart. She breathes of art and passion.

“Ok, here’s our game plan: let them fall in love with gorgeous details and breathe romance. Our clients are Bohemian, free-spirited lovers. Truth, beauty, and freedom— we must capture all these moods. Talk, Levi.” Hannah turned.

“Salad!” he absent-mindedly answered.


“I meant a salad of colors and patterns. Of daydreams, music, and love.” Levi smiled, easing through his stammering words.

Hannah gave a stern look but her eyes were smiling, “Anything else?”

“Teepee, curtains, vintage and classic stuff.” He continued, pointing anxiously across the yard. “How about a hippie car like that one?”

“You know what? I like you and your salad.” She nodded and smiled.

Word Count: 175

© 2016 Maria. All Rights Reserved.

Here is for Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers prompt. This week’s photo prompt is provided by S. Thanks PJ and S for another fun prompt.:):):)

I’ve been lurking around the world wide web in search for pre-nuptial themes. Yes, you’ve read it right. Prenup. I’m not getting married (yet) nor I have someone special to walk the aisle with (another yet). It’s just that… on some days, I want to imagine something beautiful like a wedding or prenup. Crazy? I hope not. So far, these two themes were my favorites for today: Foliage-themed and Boho-themed. XD

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