This week’s The Great Book of List is a combination of two chapters: Chapter 3.2 ( Acts of Love) and Chapter 3.3 (Ways to Celebrate). But before anything else, I’d like to congratulate our host, La duchesse d’Erat, for passing her exam and kicking out flu! ^^

So here goes something…

Acts of Love
When things go sour, awful, we turn to our loved ones, crawl in their warm embrace and let them try to calm our heartbeat. There’s hardly a better time to show them we care. How do you show your loved ones you care ? What are the little gestures, the surprises, the words that carry your appreciation ?


1. Scrapbook- I usually do this on a friend’s special day. Scrapbooking a favorite hobby of mine and I love making one for them. It gives me time to scan through old photos and reminisce old memories, too.

2. Poem- Most of the time, I write poems for family & friends in any celebration  (birthdays, anniversary, send-off party, etc). I also write poems whenever I feel thankful for having them around or I want to cheer someone who’s feeling down or just randomly remind them how much they are loved.

3. Hugs and Kisses- The easiest and most convenient act of love there is along with the word “I love you”.

4. Presence- I may not have all the riches in the world but to the people that I truly love, I can give all my time. I’m all ears and all smiles to listen. A pillow-talk would be great, too.

Ways to Celebrate
What are the ways you generally celebrate?


1. KTV- One of my favorite ways to celebrate is to sing my heart out with friends or family. It’s such a perfect release.

2. Eat- We do this most often at any events, be it outside or at home. You can never go wrong with a celebration in a table full of sumptuous food. YUM!

3. Travel- At times when my friends and I are feeling really generous, we like to go to beautiful places. Maybe not necessarily our dream travels but just off to scenic place away from the city. In the most special times, I travel back to the place where I belong, too- HOME.

4. Little treats- Just as much as I enjoy celebrating with people I love, I love taking myself for a little treat as well. Dark chocolates or iced coffee would be great. Oh and french fries, too. Haha! A solitary walk at malls would be fine and a book or two would be a great reward. Ah… a lovely date with just me, myself, and I. ❤

How about you?  I would love to hear them, too. :) :) :)