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B’shert or  Bashert is a Yiddish word that refers to fate or destiny. In Jewish, it is a person’s soulmate, especially when considered as an ideal or predestined marriage partner.

I wish I knew you when we were younger. When life was simpler than it is now and our only task was just being kids. We might even have more time to spend with each other without worrying too much about school. You could have taken me to Neverland.

I wish I knew you when we were teens. When everything about life gets a whole lot confusing, exciting, terrifying, and beautiful. We would have been partners in crime in both learning and fooling around. You could have saved my JS Promenade and Sweet Eighteen.

I wish I knew you when we were tossing graduation caps in the air. When we didn’t know what lies ahead in the real life and we were set to follow our dreams. We would have talked about the future, our plans, and laughed at how we’re finally getting older. You could have given me a high five.

I wish I knew you when we were getting our first paycheck. When our hearts were filled with pride and joy of surviving complete independence. We might have partied all night and celebrated it with delight. You could have paid all the bills.

And lastly…

I wish I knew you when my heart was unscathed. When I haven’t recklessly given it to someone who’s not even worth it. When I still have every piece of me– no bruises, no scars. You could have handled it with utmost care.

I wonder what it would be like if our paths crossed a bit earlier. I wonder who we’d be if we’re together. Maybe I’d like to see how much we’ve changed and how much remained the same. Maybe I just want to spend a little more time with you. Or maybe I just want to see if we would like each other at that point in time. Either way, I wish I knew you back then.

Poetry Form: Prose


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