GIF source: Wordstuck

/ˈaʊɡənblɪk/, /aʊɡənˈblɪk/;
Unlike our English “moment” which rather vaguely designates any brief temporal interval, Augenblick suggests the lived and limited period of a blinking of the eyes, or perhaps the duration bounded by two such blinks.

As the cold morning breeze kisses on my cheeks
Upon seeing you, a familiar chill on me sneaks
My past and present fought to a bitter-sweet end
Then came realization: this heart has yet to mend

Astounded when our eyes met, I don’t know what to do
It’s been five years and counting since I let go of you
It’ll be a lie, I know, to say that the feeling’s gone
When I could spend the day with you beneath the sun

I was left dumbfounded, couldn’t utter a single word
My courage sank to zero; I seem to have lost my sword
I breathed the air between us on that tiny wisp of time
Tried not to waste a blink, gazed at you one last time

For the A to Z challenge, I’ll be sharing new found words with a poem. Happy Poetry Month, blogosphere! 😘😘😘


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