When I was four, I should have known
That I will never be alone
With a ball of awesomeness like you
I’m the apple of their eyes, no more

When I was ten, I should have realized
That the remote won’t always be mine
I’d be watching anime instead of barbie
I despise you for it, no more

When I was sixteen, I should have guessed
That you’re an expert at circuits and wires
How we complained but you fixed things right
I am daddy’s favorite, no more

When I was twenty, I should have learned
Not to get drunk when you’re around
They said you were both mad and laughing?
I promise to walk wobbly, no more

So now that I’m twenty-four, I have seen
How tall you’ve already been
Still a bit childish BUT has grown mature
A man, you are. A little boy, no more.

A poem for my brother who just turned twenty. Sending lots of love on your special day! ❤ ❤ ❤