It was almost midday. Most students were gathered in the cafeteria eating junks and fast food— or “prison food” as what he mockingly called them since it often comes in trays. Meanwhile, Clark, a forty-two year old veteran janitor at VSU Laboratory High came out of the building and squinted to the sun that hung just above his head. Time to do some custodial work, he thought.

He walked in the pathway like a man with great pride, a broom on one hand and a dustpan on the other, his eyes watchful for litters in the surrounding. Without these tools, his uniform, and a pencil tucked behind his ears, he could surely pass as professor.

“Now what have we here…” Clark murmured as he motioned towards parking lot. “R2D2, why aren’t in your post?” he barked at the trashcan. Lines of suspicion creased on his forehead as if hearing an absurd response, “But this is the middle of nowhere. Did you really think there are trashes in this area?”

A moment of silence passed. Positive that his imaginary droid have been slacking around, Clark took the trashcan and walked away.

“Move along, R2D2. I’m taking you back to your station.”

Word Count: 200

Written for Roger Shipp’s flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner. Please tell me it’s not too weird to think of R2D2 and Star Wars while staring at this photo ‘coz it really was the first thing the came to mind! LOL

This week’s prompt is: For this week, please use the phrase… ‘but this is the middle of nowhere…” somewhere in your flash piece. 

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