I am…

I am…

Wait, who am I?

I paced back and forth in my corner of the street, coins jingling from inside my can. I looked at it, only to find three cents. Damn! This madness has to end. So I walked across the pedestrian lane, towards the glass building. I ignored the stoplights, ignored the honking cars. My eyes and mind fixed only to one direction— Gree Tower.

As I stood in front of the towering building, I noticed I have caught the crowd’s attention. Now, these ignorant fools bothered looking at me? Because I’m a dirty, smelly man in baggy jeans with the audacity to go into such distinguished place?

I ignored them again and went straight to the front desk. “I need to speak with Rick Gree.”

The two receptionist talked in hushed voices before the lady with a caramel hair turned to me while the other one signaled for security. “I’m sorry but may I have your name, please?”

“Gree. Christoph Gree.”

This all started with a comment thread. A chain of chitchats with the ever cheerful, Rosema of A Reading Writer, that sparked the idea of writing a sequel to one of her Sunday Photo Fiction prompt entries, Forgotten.

P.S. Sorry for the delay! I haven’t read Fangirl so I’m not sure if I did this sequel right. I couldn’t add any of our exciting or sizzling details yet, too. Haha. BUT I think I’ve found our rugged homeless man, if you agree? 😀 😉