It was one of those Friday night sleepovers. Nights you jokingly call ‘talk-overs’ for it starts and ends with long talk and gossip in between laughter instead. Just you and you best friend over comfy pillows, soft cushion, and warm blanket. Nothing else matters.

On this special night, in your matching pink pajamas, she turned, hugging your side. With probing eyes she asked, “Aren’t you going to tell me about it?”

“Tell you about what?”

“About it, you silly!”

You gave her that knowing smile for it never ceases to amaze you how she’s able to read your mind. So this is going to be THE night. A confession about the ruggedly handsome man you two met one Sunday afternoon. Your thoughts sent you an avalanche of chill and excitement as you began to speak, “So you rememb-”

“Wait! I’ve got to go to the bathroom,” she said, cutting you off.

Tugging the pillow, you chuckled and wondered where to start. And in the middle of rolling back and forth, you caught a glimpse of a letter. There it was. You could see the corner of the folded yellowed parchment sticking out of the torn lining of the battered book.


Tears trickled down your cheeks after realizing you’re both in love with the same man.

“So, what was it?” she came rushing.

Word Count: 200

Written for Roger Shipp’s flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner. This is actually half fiction, half truth. I wrote the original story five years ago when I found out my friend liked the guy who liked me. Thank God the feeling’s not mutual on my end, for I would rather lose a guy than a very good friend. The poem was the exact words I’ve read from a piece of paper I found on her sketch pad. :”)

This week’s prompt is: There it was. You could see the corner of the folded yellowed parchment sticking out of the torn lining of the battered book.”  (The opening sentence does not flow as nicely as I would have liked…. You are encouraged to tweak it and use the concept/idea.)

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