For years I have stopped asking for more

For there’s nothing else I could possibly ask for

When, on Earth, I’m one of the richest person

With a happy heart and a happy soul

I have a treasure box of memories

Of the good times and even some bad ones

Friends whose worth are more than gold

And a family whose greatest wealth is love

But most of all, a loving God

Who never failed to protect me

Lend a hand when I needed strength

Who, despite my flaws, stick until the very end

The 15th of February is my very own Valentine’s Day

A day that reminds me where real bliss lies

For my riches are in people, my treasures are in love

What more could I possibly ask for

When I have more than enough at twenty-four.

Sending everyone  kisses and smiles. Please, go on, take a slice! ❤ ❤ ❤