“Yes. You— me— here— now.” she softly whispered as she slithery wrapped her arms around him.

Their breaths became heavier; their feelings are burning with desire. He greedily kissed her like he’s never tasted such sweetness before. She plunged on him with hunger like there’s no time for charade. In that one splendid moment they both shared thirst. Groans and gasps formed a rhythm but upon their zenith, a flash of light struck his tired eyes.

His eyes popped wide open. Seeing his whole family stunned outside, Bob suddenly realized, the door is ajar!

“What are you looking at?” his wobbly voice came roaring from inside the room, glimpses of his trance still lingered in his mind.

“N-n-nothing. Nothing at all, Bob. J-ju-just your hanging deer from yesterday’s hunt.” Granny Gina hesitantly answered before slamming the door close.

He rose up the bed, rubbed his forehead— still half awake and half asleep. A few seconds ago he was having a dream, probably the best one he has ever had. “Oh dear, what could possibly have I done?” he anxiously thought.

Word Count: 180

Written for Roger Shipp’s flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner. A sentence is provided and we are to craft a story to under 200 words length. This idea is a courtesy of a non-blogger friend who got curious of flash fiction. Ha! I don’t know what to say… 😀

This week’s prompt is: “You lookin’ at me?” (You may reword the quote using proper grammar/etiquette. if you like.)

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