He was so much in love that you wished you were, too
So the butterflies fluttering in your stomach would calm and slow
So you no longer define the sunshine as glimpses of his smile
The glittering sea in the horizon as his winking eyes
So he will no longer be the air that you breathe
You wished you were dancing in love with someone else
Someone… who may not be the stunning vocalist on a Saturday night
Whose every strumming fingers on a guitar is a caress to your heart
Who may not like romantic movies and romance books
May not like your sundry prose and quite walks
Someone who would drive the bicycle with your hands wrapped around his waist from the back as he drove along the bumpy road
Who would climb the cliff with you on a piggyback, his hands holding you tightly and never letting you fall
Someone… who is everything he is not
With a promise of no more chasing
No more stolen gazes, not even an unrequited love
Just arms wrapped around each other
Fingers interlocked
Someone who would fall in love with you and not with somebody else.

Yesterday, I was inhaling too much of Sarah Kay and the Button Poetry that I woke up this morning with a spoken word poetry in my head- an oddly sad piece to start my lovely sunny Sunday. Weird but I hope this makes sense. 🙂 🙂