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This week’s The Great Book of Lists hosted by La duchesse d’Erat goes as far as the list of your desires. Below is a glimpse of my desires for 2016. Let’s keep it burning until we realize them, everyone. \m/

1. Read the Holy Bible- Religiously. It’s a shame that laziness ruled over me for the past years. I do pray but I haven’t religiously read the bible in the past. This year, I bought a book of Daily Gospel for me to start my morning routine. I’ve been reading it since day 1 and will read it throughout the year. 🙂

2. Exercise- Regularly. It’s a work in progress. Late last year I joined our company’s dance club and badminton club to push me to do the drills. Now, I want to exercise by myself. Cheers to a healthy year! 🙂 🙂

3. Love local- Rosema, a lovely fellow Filipina blogger, inspired me with this one when she posted her 2016 plans & goals. As for me, I want to explore and try our local poetry, to eventually write poems in our local dialect (Tagalog or Bisaya) and share it in this blog soon. February, maybe? 😀

4. Get a laptop- Just last year, my 5 year old laptop which I fondly call “Iya” officially died of an unknown virus and extreme stress. If opportunity and money permit, I would like to get a new one. 😦

5. Go home- More often. I live in Cebu, oceans away from my family and my very good friends. With a limited time and number of vacation leaves, I want to spend it wisely with my beloved ones. Starting off with my birthday gift next month, a ten-days vacation in Leyte. YAY! 😀

6. Publish a book- For more than three years, I’ve been working in the operations department for a self-publishing company. Every single day, we cater to authors around the globe and help publish and market their books. This is actually not a far-fetched dream because every employee who has served for two years has the privilege of getting their book published- for free. As for me, I’m thinking of  a poetry book this year. *fingers crossed*

How about you? What are your burning desires? I would love to hear them, too. 🙂 🙂 🙂